How to Choose the Best Car Seat Protector


Car seat protectors are basically upholstery savers that can easily protect your vehicle from dirty messes your child (or baby) might accidentally create. Think of it as a mat – but conforming to the shape and size of your car seat(s).


What should you look for in car seat protector?

A good car seat protector should have any of the following:

  1. A non-slip surface
  2. Fits the interior of your car
  3. Has pockets for small items
  4. Made of high-density foam or similar material
  5. Spill-proof and scratch-proof surface


Top Best Car Seat Protectors

In this section, we take a look at some of the top best car seat protectors to help you decide.

Brica Seat Guardian

Brica Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector

Measuring 20 x 45 inches in size, the Brica Seat Guardian is greatly compatible with a majority of car seats out there due to the one-piece design and ease of installation. Its vinyl material is quite durable and adjustable while the kick mat at the bottom (for your baby) helps to keep it secure all over your car interior and seat. Because of the color-safe construction, you don’t have to worry about the product causing stains in your car seat at all.


Not only does it have a non-slip surface – it also has a nonslip bottom to keep you from moving awkwardly in the event of a bumpy ride. This is thanks to the side-by-side dual grip traction technology. In terms of cleaning, there is also a grime guard present to make sure you don’t suffer a lot when cleaning your upholstery.


The top part also has an attachment for the headrest that can be adjusted according to your needs. It also has raised walls around so that crumbs will not fall onto the flooring (and carpeting) of your car interior – perfect for snack time with the kids!


Munchkin Auto Seat Protector

Munchkin Auto Seat Protector

Made with a large mesh pocket at the bottom, the Munchkin Auto Seat Protector has a rather flat and wide design as compared to our first pick. Installation of this car seat protection is a breeze due to the lower anchors adhering to any LATCH system that your car may have (especially for newer car models). The storage pocket at the bottom is large enough for most toys and even bags of chips, trail mixes and cookies your kid may enjoy while on a trip.


There is also a stabilizing wedge on all sides so that the Munchkin Auto Seat Protector does not move at all when there is a bumpy ride. In addition to that, the surface is non-slip so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your child. As for comfort, it is pretty good due to the cushioning so your child can enjoy trips without aching bottoms and backs. You can also use it with a booster seat if your child is already a toddler.


Summer Infant Elite DuoMat

Summer Infant Elite DuoMat

With a simple, straightforward but durable design, the Summer Infant Elite DuoMat is made for most car seat sizes and has a textured top to prevent your child (or any passenger) from slipping. If your baby car seat is convertible, it can also adjust whether the seat is rear-facing or front-facing, which is a plus point for those with such car seats.


The mat is not just nonslip – it is also easy to clean and nearly scratch-proof. The interior is made with memory foam, which can be helpful for the cold weather in order for your child to stay comfy throughout the trip. The outside is easy to spot clean or even machine-wash, in case there are serious spills that happen along the way.


ROYAL OXFORD Luxury Car Seat Protector

ROYAL OXFORD Luxury Car Seat Protector

If you have dark-colored upholstery in your car interior, you can check out the ROYAL OXFORD Luxury Car Seat Protector due to its compatible design for such, but is still compatible for all colors of car seats. Gorilla 900 Oxford has been used for the materials in this car seat protector to ensure a safe, nonslip and comfortable experience while protecting the car seat upholstery in your interior.


The whole thing is also scratch-resistant while retaining comfort for your passenger (or driver in any case). It does not cause marks or stains on your existing upholstery and it has the right amount of thickness to keep you comfortable and protected as well. Waterproof PVC leather is also present in the material to make sure it can resist spills of drinks.


If you have children, you can also use it for car seat boosters, baby car seats, baby carriers and the like. You can also use this in a LATCH system for connection in a breeze if your car has that system. What’s more, there’s a mesh pocket at the bottom for toys, snacks, and others, to keep things organized.


Lusso Gear Car Seat Protector

Lusso Gear Car Seat Protector

The Lusso Gear Car Seat Protector has quite a thick padding, being made with a combination of 600-denier fabric that is waterproof and reinforced with PVC leather on each corner to prevent spillage and food crumbs from falling over your car seat. It is available in XL size so it can protect your car even more than other small-sized ones, especially if your car seat interiors are pretty large.


At the bottom, there are also two pockets for storage purposes. There are also straps on the top to keep this car seat protector secure on the headrest for maximum comfort and stability. It is also easy to wipe clean for most pet hair, stains and dirt coming along.


Britax Vehicle Seat Protector

Britax Vehicle Seat Protector

Another LATCH-compatible seat protector would be the Britax Vehicle Seat Protector, which has a simple design but is easy to clean due to its waterproof rubber material, which also prevents slipping at all times. It has raised edges to catch crumbs and has a front seat guard for your child’s feet (and shoes). It has a good size that will cover most vehicle interior sizes.

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Why should you buy a best car seat protector?

There are many good reasons as to why you should buy the best car seat protector out there:


  1. Cleanliness – the most important purpose of a car seat protector is to make cleaning easier. True enough – spills of food items (or worse, drinks) can be messy and troublesome to clean if your car seat is made of a delicate material (other than leather). By having a car seat protector, you are saving the fuss of cleaning by just placing a nice little mat over your upholstery to lessen the mess that you have to clean.


  1. Upholstery durability – another important purpose of a car seat protector is to protect your upholstery (your car seats and whatnot) from getting ripped apart earlier on. This makes them more durable and that means fewer trips to the auto shop for repairing or replacing upholstery (which can cost serious $$$!). Therefore, if you want to be able to save money in the long run, go for a car seat protector.


  1. For the guests – no one wants to sit on a dirty car seat, right? If you suddenly have guests, it will be pleasant and attractive for them to see if your car seats are clean and with fewer messes or stains (that might have resulted from any spilt beverage that can’t easily be cleaned from the upholstery). Therefore, if you believe many different people will have to use your car, consider a car seat protector.


  1. Fewer costs – like we said above, saving money is an important benefit of a car seat protector. This is because you don’t have to go to an auto shop to overhaul your upholstery and clean it up thoroughly, and you also don’t have to clean it by yourself more often, which means less time and effort as well (and fewer costs on cleaning products). Because your upholstery becomes more durable due to the effect of the car seat protector, you don’t have to spend a lot of dollars often.


  1. No worries – the biggest anxiety of a car owner comes from their exterior and interior being damaged or scratched either by pets or hyperactive kids. To give you a peace of mind, you definitely want to consider a car seat protector if you have kids or pets around to avoid the hassle of having to clean up every single time, especially during a family vacation when you should be relaxing rather than worrying.


  1. Resale value – did you know that if you have a car seat protector, you can increase the resale value of your car overall? This is because you are protecting the outside and the inside of your car, and the next owner will definitely be pleased to buy it for that form of maintenance.


As a whole, these different car seats have their own features that make them stand out. It is still your choice as to which one would best fit your car interior and the level of comfort you would like to have in accordance with interior protection. Tell us what you think! Which of these car seat protectors is the best for you? How did you choose them and what features did you consider? Comment down below!

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