Best Bottles For Spit Up

Babies spit up for a reason. Most people and parents mistake spit up for vomiting, but the two are quite different. While vomiting requires force, spit-up is usually not as aggravating or as serious and usually only involves milk.

Spitting up can usually be caused by different things, such as reflux if your baby has it. In this case, the spit up is little. If your baby also has gas, it could also mean aerophagia, a special condition. Playing with your child right after meals can also cause spit up, as well as other conditions like pyloric stenosis and esophagitis.

Why do you need the Bottles For Spit Up

Having a baby bottle for spit up has benefits, such as the following:

1. It is ideal for breastfeeding moms. Baby bottles are convenient for such reason since you can’t always feed your baby all the time, especially on a busy schedule. That’s why having a bottle that has the right design to avoid spit-up can help you and your little one in terms of time management and overall health.

2. Your baby could spit-up less. Like we said, specially-designed baby bottles can help your child to be fed easier and without the worry of spit-up. Babies who are gassy or colicky can benefit from this kind of baby bottle since they will be fed with just the right amount of milk without going all at once or in an overwhelming way.

3. They get all the nutrients they need. Most babies tend to stop drinking from their bottle due to the many instances of spit-up. If you avoid spit up with the right bottle type, your baby will not hesitate to drink from it, which can give them a lot of the nutrients that they need.

4. Serious health problems can be avoided. If you remedy your baby’s spit-up condition in a jiffy with the right kind of bottle, it will lessen the likelihood of other serious health problems that can come up if your baby keeps spitting milk out.

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How Can Bottles Reduce Gas and Spit Up?

The controlled flow of these special bottles is what makes them quite good for babies who suffer from spit-up. There are small holes that are on the nipple of the bottle to ensure that your baby doesn’t get too gassy when they drink the milk, resulting in less gas and fewer spit ups.

How to Prevent Spit Up

To prevent spit-ups, here are the things that you can do:

1. Don’t let your baby play too much after meals. Playing right after the feeding session can cause them to spit up and return whatever they fed on back to the mouth, which causes the mess. It happens with adults and kids, as well, so make sure your baby gets playtime much later after the meal.

2. Feed your baby in the right position. You should ensure that your baby feeds in the right position to avoid getting spit-up due to the gravity playing with his or her stomach.

3. Don’t overfeed your baby and just gradually feed them small amounts. By giving them small amounts, you can reduce the chances of them spitting up.

4. Know if your baby has allergies or intolerance for the formula. Babies could be allergic to soy or any other allergen. You can consult your pediatrician if your baby has allergies or intolerance with milk.

5. Burp your baby as much as possible. By burping, you may be getting rid of the excess gas that may cause the spit-up.

6. Add oatmeal to the baby formula. Most experts agree that oatmeal can help your baby formula become spit-up-free at some point.                                               

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Best Bottles For Spit Up

Here are our picks for the best bottles for spit up:

Comotomo Baby Bottle

With a capacity of 8 ounces per bottle, this baby bottle comes in 2 colors: green and pink, and is good for those who frequently experience bottle rejection and those who also breastfeed their baby. The hygienic silicone material on the nipples mimics the mother’s nipples so it will be okay for those who frequently switch between mom’s milk and baby formula.

You can wash these baby bottles in the microwave, sterilizer, dishwasher, or boiling water just fine for up to 180 degrees C (120 degrees C for the outer ring and cap). The vents on the nipples can help with colicky and gassy babies to prevent them from spitting up.

The baby bottle is also free of phthalates, PVC, and BPA to keep your child safe from harm. The design of the baby bottle is made to avoid leaks while the slow flow can enable your child to lessen spit-ups due to the flow of the milk. The manufacturer also has other nipple flows available.

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MAM Baby Bottles for Breastfed Babies

Yet another set of anti-colic baby bottles, this one can also be ideal for breastfed babies due to the natural design as well as the vented holes at the top and sides of the nipples of the bottles. What’s more, the bottles have a fun design and a textured side so that it will be easier to hold for babies and mothers alike.

Each of the bottles has 9 ounces of the capacity of milk and can potentially reduce colic, reflux, and spit up problems. The base also helps a lot with the spit up and gas problems due to the ventilated design. The SkinSoft texture mimics the same kind of texture that breastfed babies feel when they feed on their mom. The baby bottle is also microwavable.

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Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle

As a set of 4 baby bottles, this one comes at 8 ounces each for their capacity of milk. The negative pressure can be reduced by its vent system, which can be ideal for babies who have spit-up, gas, burping, and colic problems. It can also work well for breastfeeding due to the vented design of the bottle and the vacuum-free nipples.

You can easily wash the bottles in any dishwasher due to its durability. The bottles are also BPA-free to ensure the safety of your little one. As a reputable brand, Dr. Brown’s has been recommended by many award-giving bodies, such as Mom’s Picks, What to Expect, Babylist, QuintilesIMS Health ProVoice, and fitPREGNANCY and Baby.

Lansinoh Breastfeeding Bottles

This one has a unique shape for its nipple which can be used for babies with colic and spit-up problems or even with formula bottle refusal (for babies who are breastfed). Coming in a pack of 3, each bottle holds 8 ounces of milk formula and the design of the venting system of the nipples enable your child to feed without the worry of colic or spit up due to the vertical grooves.

All of the bottles are free from BPA and BPS to ensure your baby’s safety. The AVS or air ventilation system helps to reduce the chances of spit-up when using the bottles.

NUK Perfect Fit Baby Bottle

Do you have a baby girl or do you want to give a gift to a baby shower? This one can be a great choice for you. It has a cute design all around it (pink ducks) and each of them has a big capacity of 10 ounces in a pack of 3 bottles. The nipple design is made for babies with spit-up, gas, colic, and the like.

The baby bottles are BPA-free and are also quite leak-proof for wiggly babies and in-a-hurry moms. Cleaning is also a breeze due to being dishwasher-safe.

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Playtex Baby VentAire Bottle

For baby boys, this could be a good basic option for an anti-colic bottle that can potentially reduce spit-up. It has 3 bottles in the pack and each of them has a capacity of 9 ounces. They have specially-designed inner parts to ensure that the air does not mix with the milk with the help of the bottom vent.

The angled design can also be ideal for babies who are being fed in a semi-upright position, which can be good if your pediatrician advised your baby to do so. The baby bottle is free from phthalates, PVC, BPA, and other harmful chemicals.

Evenflo Feeding Angled Premium Proflo Vented Plus Baby

Yet another angled baby bottle design, this one is from Evenflo so it can be quite a reputable brand to buy from. Each bottle can hold 6 ounces of milk so it may be good for newborns. The baby bottle also comes in a variety of colors, such as blue and gray.

Coming in a pack of 6 bottles, this anti-colic bottle set has a 1-piece venting system so it can be easy to clean and can still prevent your baby from getting gassy, colicky, and spitting up.


To wrap it up, baby bottles should be accommodating for babies who are frequently spitting up milk. They should have the right features to avoid these gassy instances. We hope you liked our top picks for the best baby bottles for spit up!

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