Best Bassinet Stroller for Newborns and Babies


A bassinet stroller is a baby’s sleeping aid for when you want to go somewhere and for easy transport. Bassinets are baby carriers while a stroller has wheels for you to move your baby from one place to another. A common misconception is that you only need one over the other, but if you can have a bassinet stroller in just one product, it will be a big help to your baby.


Why Do You Need a Bassinet Stroller?

A bassinet stroller has the following benefits:


  1. You can remove the bassinet anytime. The biggest benefit of a bassinet stroller is that you can take out the bassinet part wherever and whenever possible. The bassinet is the baby’s bed and you can just take it out and put it back whenever you need to. This would be highly convenient if you are a frequently traveling person and you need to get your baby in and out of the car or in a vehicle.


  1. It is a stroller as well. You can stroll your child or baby wherever you go and have them explore the world around them even when they are lying down in their bassinet.


  1. You can use it in harsh weather conditions. Most of these bassinet strollers have sufficient weather shields like covers and the like. You can use it to cover up from the harsh UV rays of the sun or from light rain showers.


  1. It has a lot of storage options. Most of these bassinet strollers have a built-in basket at the bottom. These baskets can be used to place your baby supplies like extra diapers, baby formula, toys and the like.


  1. Most of them are lightweight to carry. This would be helpful if you don’t want to carry a lot of stuff as well. Most of them are made of aluminum and some plastics that are durable but don’t have a lot of weight to be carried around.


What Should You Look For in a Bassinet Stroller?

To look for the best bassinet stroller, you should know about the following:


  1. It should be lightweight to carry around to avoid being a nuisance while traveling.
  2. The bassinet should be easily removable.
  3. The baby should be kept warm and cozy in the bassinet with the right covers.
  4. The materials should be non-toxic and breathable.
  5. It should be easy to store as well with a simple mechanism.


Best Bassinet Stroller

Here are some of our top picks for the best bassinet strollers out there:

Costzon Infant Stroller Baby Buggy Pushchair

Costzon Infant Stroller Baby Buggy Pushchair

This baby stroller and bassinet has a 2-in-1 function that allows you to fold it easily to make storage a breeze. The light weighted aluminum frame also makes it easy to carry around for traveling and such. As for the breathability and comfort of your baby, it has a wearable non-toxic and breathable Oxford cover. To keep your child protected at all times, it has a 5-point safety harness.


It is rated to be used for children up to 33 lbs of weight and you can also put your purses, groceries, and diaper bags underneath using the storage basket. There is also a reclining seat that can be positioned in any way that you want. Moreover, there’s a 3-fold canopy to protect your child from the harsh rays of the sun.


Hot Mom Baby Carriage with Bassinet Combo

Hot Mom Baby Carriage with Bassinet Combo

As a baby carriage that has a cool design, this one has a luxurious appearance with its leather design all over – perfect for getting into airlines or your own car or vehicle. Made with PU leather, this one can be adjusted for up to 87 cm off the ground and it has a telescopic pole for easy adjustment. There are also two other colors: white and black, to choose from.


The tires are also made of PU rubber to avoid marking on the floor. The seat and the carrycot are easily reversible for your adjustment needs. The handle height can be adjusted as well so it will accommodate all people of different heights – even if you want your older child to do the pushing of the baby carriage or bassinet.


2017 UPPAbaby VISTA – Jake

This baby carriage or bassinet stroller has a simple and minimalist design with a black/carbon color. It has a vented base and canopy for added breathability, which can help your child if it is a very hot weather outside and the summer sun is quite warm. There is also an adjustable canopy to make it easy for your child to see the outside world without blocking the view.


The sunshade has a UPF 50+ to keep your child away from harsh UV rays. The leather cover is made to make it durable against the bad weather. You can also do a 180-degree recline function with one hand with the toddler seat that is included. There is also a bug shield for the summer to avoid insects and mosquitoes from getting in your child’s bassinet.


Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System, Sandstone

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System, Sandstone

This traveling stroller that comes with a bassinet is a good choice for babies who have a weight of 4 to 35 lbs. It has a max weight rating of 50 lbs and has a reversible carriage mode which has 2 options, such as for stroller only and for toddler use. It has a 17 to 32 inches adjustability if you want to face it rear.


There are also latch guides for easy installation and secure seating for your baby in the bassinet. Aside from that safety feature, an anti-rebound bar also keeps your child away from bumpy rides. There is a child tray, a large storage basket underneath and a 3-panel canopy to keep your child away from the UV rays of the sun. The cruiser tires are smooth and do not mark the surface. It is also easy to fold when not used.


Cynebaby Convertible Bassinet Stroller

Cynebaby Convertible Bassinet Stroller

If you want a stylish and modern bassinet stroller, this one is easy to connect and assemble. It is also convertible for both newborns and toddlers. It is ideal for kids who are 7 to 36 months old (for the toddler seat) and it has a gold lining for the design so it looks very cool. It is also ideal for children 0 to 6 months if you want to use the bassinet. It also has a set of rubber wheels at 12 inches each that are shock absorbent.


Aside from that, it has various other pluses, such as a detachable handrail and a shopping basket at the bottom of the bassinet. This will help when it comes down to storage problems. There is also a canopy that you can adjust depending on the weather you have outside. There is a zip foot cover to keep your child’s feet warm during cold months as well.

Roan Rocco Pram Stroller

Roan Rocco Pram Stroller

This bassinet stroller is a pair, that is a two in one design that has separate seating. It has large wheels to make it easy to balance even on uneven ground to make sure that your child does not get a bumpy ride along the way. It is ideal and adjustable for both infants and toddlers. The size of the bassinet is 31.5 x 14.7 inches so it has a good amount of room for most babies. It has air pumped wheels at 12.5 inches to add to the comfort.


The separate seat, as well as the bassinet, can be installed facing forward or rearing direction depending on your needs. There is also a basket at the bottom to carry all of your other supplies. It has an overall weight of 33 lbs so it is not too heavy to carry around. It has a 3-point adjustability for the backrest and the footrest to ensure your child is safe and comfortable.


Bugaboo Cameleon3 Complete Stroller

Bugaboo Cameleon3 Complete Stroller

This bassinet stroller has a reversible seat option to make it ideal for both newborns and toddlers alike. It has an adjustable handlebar so that anyone can use it regardless of their height, such as kids. It is easy to fold as a mid-sized stroller and it has big wheels to make it ideal for rough terrain. It has a weight of fewer than 22 lbs so it is easy to take with you to the airport or wherever you go with your baby.


Because the baby carrier’s bassinet is easily compatible with most vehicles, it will be easy to take with you to the car. The suspension on the swivel wheel is also adjustable depending on your child’s weight. There is also a rain cover in case there is a terrible storm up ahead and you need to keep your child protected.


KID1st Egg Stroller Vista Travel System

KID1st Egg Stroller Vista Travel System

Made with an egg shape in its design, this bassinet stroller combo is a great choice for those who want total wind and rain protection. It has a mosquito net as well to make it ideal for the summer season where bugs can be around. There is also a mini air pump to help keep the wheels up and running. The bassinet cover is quite strong against most weather disturbances.


The safety strap will guarantee your child to be in place regardless of where you go. The summer seat liner is also ideal for kids who are being strolled in the summer and could feel uncomfortable inside. The inside of the bassinet is cushioned enough to keep your baby in the best comfort with good breathability. There is also a canopy with peek-a-boo window to make sure you know what your baby is doing.


Joolz Geo2 Complete Stroller – Studio Gris

Joolz Geo2 Complete Stroller

This modern style stroller is ideal for one-hand steering for busy parents who are also holding other things in their other hand. With a width of just 24 inches, it is great for those who want to have a small and compact stroller that is easy to store and fold overall. It has a large basket underneath for all of your baby supplies and you can also choose between different colors for the baby stroller.

VEVOR Foldable Anti-Shock Newborn Stroller

VEVOR Foldable Anti-Shock Newborn Stroller

This baby carriage that is a bassinet stroller has an adjustable backrest, which can be set from 100 degrees, 145 degrees, to 180 degrees to make it customizable. There are wheels at the bottom – both with different diameters (17 cm and 29 cm respectively) for easy balancing. The handles can be adjusted from 95 to 111 cm to make sure it is adjustable depending on who will use the baby carriage.


There is a sleeping basket inside to help your child feel comfortable while the canopy is easily adjustable as well for the bad weather. It is ideal for kids who are up to 36 months old and it has a comfortable inner space. It also has an aluminum alloy frame so it is not too heavy to carry around.



As a whole, we believe that bassinet strollers can be helpful for parents who want to have a travel companion for their baby when moving from the vehicle to the stroller. They are not only convenient but can also save you money and time on having to purchase a stroller and a bassinet separately, which can also be quite a hassle to maintain overall. We hope you enjoyed these top picks for the best bassinet strollers out there!

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