Best Baby Towels and Washcloths


We all know that getting a baby a nice bath can be a hassle because it can be too rough for their skin if they use a baby towel that is too harsh. Therefore, there should be some guidelines you should know when it comes down to getting your baby dry after a bath, a wash or anything else to keep your baby nice and clean. In this article, we will give you tips on how to choose the best baby towels and washcloths for your child.


What To Look For In The Baby Towels And Washcloths

To choose the best baby towel and washcloth, here are some tips you should know about:


  1. Absorbency

You have to make sure that the baby towel or washcloth is very absorbent. This means that it can suck up water easily and will definitely work to dry your child from any water or fluid, such as any kind of mess from food. Washcloths and baby towels that are not absorbent are not worth buying at all.


  1. Gentle material

The material should not be too harsh for your baby’s skin. A newborn and a baby who’s still young could have skin irritations or rashes if they are used to drying with baby towels and washcloths that are too harsh. The fibers on the towel or washcloth should be soft enough and gentle to keep your baby’s skin smooth and dry.


  1. Safe and non-toxic

The washcloth or baby towel should also be made with nontoxic material to avoid getting your child unnecessary side effects such as rashes and the like. Knowing where the materials have been made from makes you feel at ease when purchasing the best baby towel or washcloth for your child.


  1. Fun design or color

It may also help if your child has a baby towel or washcloth that has a vibrant or cute design, which will be a perfect fit for them. For example, towels with cartoon characters or colorful designs can help them to enjoy bath time and getting dried.


  1. Easy to wash or clean

Any material that is easy to wash or clean can help you to save more time and effort in the process. For instance, having a baby towel that can be tossed in the washing machine and to the dryer without the material easily ripping apart is a good thing.


  1. Durable

A durable baby towel is a must-have, especially if you will use it for years. Pick a material that is soft and absorbent, but will also not easily break when used often.


  1. Sized right for your baby

The towel that you want to have for your baby should be just right. Some babies have larger needs so they may need a bigger towel when it comes down to drying them from bath time.

Best Baby Towels And Washcloths

Here are our top picks for the best baby towels and washcloths:


Hudson Baby Animal Face Hooded Towel

Hudson Baby Animal Face Hooded Towel for Girls

If your child likes hooded animal baby towels, this is a cute choice. You can choose from various animal designs like an elephant, bear or monkey. It is very absorbent and quite large enough to fit your baby. It has a machine washable material so it is easy to clean.


The material is made with 100% cotton and it is ideal for children or babies from 0 to 12 months. It can be used for drying after bath time and can be a great gift for both boys and girls.


Baby Muslin Washcloth

Baby Muslin Washcloth

As a nice set of washcloths, this pack contains 5 washcloths, all with different colors and all measuring 12 x 12 inches each. Because the material is durable, reusable, and machine washable, it is very easy to maintain and clean for busy parents.


The material that is used for this washcloth is 100% organic muslin fiber so it is very soft for your baby’s gentle and delicate skin, unlike regular cotton or other washcloths out there. The organic material also makes it safer than most materials that are synthetically made.


Spasilk Washcloths

Spasilk Washcloths

A great pack of washcloths for babies would be this one if you prefer colors and designs. It is available in 8 colors to choose from and has a total of 10 washcloths in each pack. The materials that are used for each washcloth is 80% cotton and 20% Polyester, so it is very soft and also durable for most babies.


Each of the washcloths measures 9 x 9 inches so it is ideal for most babies. It is smooth for a baby’s sensitive and tender skin. The size also makes it just right for bath time and general cleaning time for your child.


Organic Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel

Organic Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel

Yet another hooded baby towel for little children, this one is made with organic materials so it is hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. It is also antibacterial so it can keep your baby away from viruses and sickness-causing bacteria. It is also easy to clean due to being odor resistant.


The material used for this towel is 500 GSM bamboo fabric that is thick and durable but has a soft texture so it won’t cause rashes to your child. It is also quite large at 35 x 35 inches in size.


Baby Aspen Four-Piece Gift Set

Baby Aspen Four-Piece Gift Set

If your kid loves the “baby shark” phenomenal internet sensation dance, this is a great gift set for them! This set includes shark-designed towels, all of which have eyes and 3-D features to make them look very fun to use for babies.


The size of the towel is at 30 square inches and it has cute packaging as well. It can make for a great baby shower gift for another baby as well to become an adorable bath item set to enjoy with the whole family.


Luvable Friends Washcloths

Luvable Friends 12 Pack Washcloths

This pack of washcloths is a great choice for babies and moms who want different designs and rotating them each day. Coming in a pack of 12, this one has many colors and designs to choose from, so it can be great for both boys and girls. There are different patterns, such as solid colors, patterns and plain whites as well.


Each of the washcloths is durable and soft so that they are okay for your baby’s skin and won’t easily break. They are all machine washable and are made with soft cotton terry fabric, which is highly absorbent so it is easy to clean and dry your baby with them.


Spasilk Essential Baby Bath Gift Set

Spasilk 23-Piece Essential Baby Bath Gift Set

If you want a nice gift set for your baby or for someone else’s baby shower, this is a good pick because it has various designs and patterns to choose from. You can also choose from 7 colors and it contains 23 pieces of towels and washcloths as well. This can be perfect for an initial set for someone who’s still beginning their journey to parenthood.


The set includes 20 washcloths and 3 hooded towels. Each of the towels is at 30″ x 26″ while the washcloths measure 9″ x 9″ each. They are easily washable in the washing machine and they are very soft when it comes down to using them to your baby.


Upsimples Unicorn Baby Towels

Upsimples Unicorn Baby Towels

As a baby towel that is ideal for girls, this one has a unicorn design, which most kids and babies will love. It has a size of 35 x 35 inches and it has a large design, with a thickness of 500 GSM, which makes it quite durable. The material used for this soft and organic towel is bamboo material so it is also odor-resistant.


It is ideal for babies who are 0 to 5 years old and the hypoallergenic and antibacterial bamboo fiber makes it ideal for children who are having rashes and sensitive skin to other normal baby towels.


Natemia Extra Soft Rayon

Natemia Extra Soft Rayon from Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel

This rayon material towel makes it quite durable but does not give out the absorbency, which is needed in every towel. This hypoallergenic towel is sized just right for toddlers and newborns and has a quality of 500 GSM. It has an antimicrobial and hypoallergenic material so it is gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin.


The material composition is rayon (organic bamboo) on the surface, which is gentle to the sensitive skin of babies. It also contains microfiber as the base so it will not be too flimsy when you use it frequently. It is also ideal for babies who have eczema-prone skin.


Simple Joys by Carter’s

Simple Joys by Carter's Towel and Washcloth Set

As a towel set for babies, this one is best for boys due to the blue and green color and the design. Each of the washcloths is at 9 x 9 inches while the towels are at 29 x 29 inches in size. It features jersey-lined hoods, which are bound together by knitting for extra durability.


The set comes with a total of 5 washcloths and two hooded towels so that your child can enjoy bath time without feeling cold. The set is made with 85% cotton and 15% Polyester for the materials used, so all of them are durable and soft at the same time, all of which can be machine washed.


Little Tinkers Elephant Hooded Baby Towel

Little Tinkers World Elephant Hooded Baby Towel

For babies who love elephant hood designs, this may be for you. It has two sizes (small and large) and it is made with 100% pure cotton that feels thicker but not too heavy for your child. It has a good size of 30 x 30 inches and has a design much like an elephant cartoon character.


Intended for babies up to 3 years old, this machine washable towel is easy to maintain while not destroying it softness so it can still be gentle for your baby’s skin after frequent usage.


Lucylla Organic Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel

Lucylla Organic Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel

Bearing a cute design, this baby hooded towel has a size that is excellent for newborn babies. It is also a 100% hypoallergenic, nontoxic baby bath towel so it is great for young children who may be prone to skin rashes with other substandard towels.


The bamboo material used in this cute towel is made with a silky soft, organic feeling, which is also antibacterial and antifungal for your baby’s skin. It has a size of 31 x 31 inches so it is quite right for most babies to use.


KeaBabies Baby Washcloths

Baby Washcloths - White Bamboo Washcloths Towel

For those who want a simple pack of washcloths or towels for their baby, this is a great choice. It is made with organic bamboo material so it is gentle and safe for your baby. It is also hypoallergenic so it won’t give your child rashes and the like.


The size is at 10 x 10 inches so it can be used as a washcloth as well, other than being a bath towel. You can also use it as a facial towel and for general cleaning of baby’s messes.


Athaelay Cotton Beach Towel

Athaelay Cotton Beach Towel

Made with various themes and designs, this one is a great choice to take to the beach with your baby. The designs include an astronaut, ballet, great white shark and mermaid themes. The size is made at 24 x 55 inches and is ideal for babies up to 7 years old, so it can be used for a long time.


With great durability, it is made with 100% cotton with the right absorbency and durability. It also has a vibrant design while maintaining the right softness for a baby’s skin. It can be used practically anywhere.


LOVE MY 100% Medical Cotton Gauze

LOVE MY 100% Medical Cotton Gauze

If you want something simple and soft for baby’s delicate skin, this is a cotton swaddling blanket that can be used. It has a size of 45 x 43 inches and is made with cotton muslin to make it very soft and comfortable for babies while keeping it still absorbent and easily washable.


The material is also easy to dry, unlike regular cotton, and it has up to 3 times absorption speed due to the unique design of the honeycomb surface. It is ideal for babies who live in cold areas.


Pupiki Premium Baby Washcloths

Pupiki Premium Baby Washcloths

This set of organic washcloths can be beneficial for babies with sensitive skin due to the bamboo material, which makes it hypoallergenic. Each pack contains 6 washcloths, which can be used as face towels and are quite durable compared to regular cotton wipes. The size for each washcloth is at 10 x 10 inches. They also have the right softness for baby’s skin.


MICHLEY Towel Cotton Bathrobe

MICHLEY Towel Cotton Bathrobe

Made with animal designs, this hooded towel is a cute choice for both boys and girls with various designs and colors. Ideal for kids up to 6 years old, each is at 35 x 35 inches and are made from 100% premium cotton, which is both soft and durable for babies to use. It is also easy to wash and very absorbent as a bath towel after a quick wash.



To conclude, baby towels and washcloths can be beneficial for the baby to keep them away from cold and to keep them dry easily since they have sensitive skin by which normal towels won’t work properly. We hope you enjoyed these picks for the best baby towels and washcloths!

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