Best Baby Socks That Stay On

Babies tend to turn from side to side when they sleep or even play around. Wearing socks is important for them, though, since it can help their feet to stay warm and cozy. The only problem is that when your kid gets active, the socks could get loose.

This is when you may need baby socks that stay on. Babies that often play around and get busy could have problems with their socks staying on, so it’s important to have proper-fitting socks for them. To make sure it fits just fine, it should have a proper but comfortable closure that is stretchable. Since socks can have folds, that can help in keeping the sock on your child’s feet.

In choosing an ideal baby sock for your child, consider one that is soft, comfortable, and breathable, but still stays on. Different colors could also be great choices so that your little one could be fashionable and it could match their outfit or baby shoes.

Best Baby Socks That Stay On

Here are our top picks for the best baby socks that stay on:

Luvable Friends Baby Basic Socks

The socks are made with spandex, nylon, and cotton material. It has a closure that has no closure so it can be easy to wear for your little one. Since the blend of cotton is quite soft, it can be ideal for a cozy and warm feeling for your child.

There is a fold on the socks, which can help in keeping them on your child for as long as possible. The fit is also quite stretchable. There are 8 pairs in one pack with different colors to choose from. It is also available in different sizes for your baby to fit in just fine.

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Touched by Nature Baby Boys’ Organic Cotton Socks

With a design set that’s made with arrows, plains, and stripes, each set has 6 pairs of socks that your child can wear. It is made with spandex, organic cotton, and polyester (a mix of all). Organic cotton means that it’s not only soft but it’s also sourced from organic farms.

Each sock is also stretchable so your child can fit the sock without easily slipping off. There are also other designs to choose from, as well as different sizes for growing babies. The socks can be machine-washed and this can make it easy to wash. They may work best for younger or smaller babies.

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VWU 6 Pack Baby Socks

As a set of 6 pairs of socks in one pack, this one is ideal for babies who are 0 to 3 years old. They have an anti-slip grip set at the bottom for non-skid properties (due to the silicone material, which is safe for your baby) while they also have folded so they won’t easily slip off. The combination of combed cotton, polyester, and spandex can make it comfortable yet stretchable at the same time.

The mix of colors include black, gray, and white, but you can also choose the pastel color set. You can also unroll the cuffs of the socks to make your baby feel warmer during cold months.

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Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Essential Socks

A sock pair set with mostly hearts and pink stripes, this one can be nice for your baby girl. It has sizes from 0 to 6 months up to 12 to 24 months old. It has a cuffed design so it can easily stay on your child. It also has a thick feeling so it can be cushioning and comforting to your little one.

Terry cotton is used on the inner part of the socks so it can be comfortable for summer and winter months. There are also many other designs to choose from, so you can mix and match your baby’s style and outfit.

Kakalu 6 Pairs Assorted Non-Skid

This one may be aimed best for toddlers who are 16 to 36 months old. It has a size of 3.7 to 4.7 inches and has a good elastic material so it can be stretchable and easy to wear. Since it has striped black, gray, and white designs, it can be easy to pair with almost any outfit.

It has odor-resistant and sweat-wicking properties as well, which can also help freshen your toddler’s feet. It has gripping sole parts, which can also help protect your little one from slipping. It has a combination of nylon and cotton so it can also be quite durable. Babies could still wear them if they are old enough.

Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby 12-Pack Socks

Because this one has ribbed cuffs, it can protect your child’s feet and can keep the socks on for a long time without easily slipping away. It has mostly mint colors, as well as grays and yellows. Each pack has 12 pairs of socks for your little one to wear and use.

The cotton blend is quite soft and just right in texture mostly for little babies who have sensitive feet. They can also be machine-washed and they are made with a blend of cotton, polyester, and other stretch materials to make it wearable. The light colors make it easy for you to choose baby dresses to pair with them.

Trumpette Baby Girls Sock

For a little girl’s baby shower, this can be a great gift. It has a unique ballerina-style print, which looks like ballerina shoes but is actually baby socks. You can even put a ribbon at the back so it looks like a real pair of ballerina shoes. This can be worn on special occasions and it won’t easily slip off.

Made with spandex, nylon, and cotton, this one comes in a nice gift box. It has an elastic top to keep it on while the rubber grips at the bottom have sufficient traction and non-slip gripping. It even has various colors to choose from.

Jefferies Socks Baby Boys’ Non-Skid Turn Cuff Socks

As cuff socks, this pack of 6 pairs has assorted colors, such as blues, grays, and blacks for your little boy, but there’s also a girl’s option with multi-colored pairs. It has a mix of spandex, cotton, and polyester to make it easy to wear, comfortable, and durable. It has non-skid bottom grips as well.

You can choose between infant and toddler sizes to best match your little one’s needs. Its cuff can make the wearer comfortable all day when playing without easily slipping off. Since it is made with thick cotton material, it can be worn when your little one goes active and your flooring is marble during winter.

Robeez Baby Socks

As a set of baby socks in pairs of 3, this one mostly contains pastel colors, which can be ideal for infants. It has an elastic closure that can keep the socks on for quite a while. There are other designs to choose from as well, all with different and unique patterns to match your outfit.

The sole parts of the socks can protect your child from most slips and falls. There is even a kick-proof mechanism due to the elastic part of the ankle, which makes this sock unique since it has 2 elastic areas for extra protection.

YR160507 Unisex Warm and Cozy Socks

If you prefer baby and toddler socks that have designs on them, this one can be for you. It is made with 95% cotton and comes in a pack of 10 pairs. The designs include animals such as a cat, panda, bear, monkey, rabbit, elephant, sheep, and tiger, all in different colors.

The thickness of the socks can make it ideal for winter fashion with your little one. All of the socks can be machine washed for easy cleaning. They can be worn for babies who are 1 to 3 years old. For babies with chubby ankles, these can work fine due to the excess stretch on the ankle part.

Gellwhu Non-Skid Toddler Socks

For taller or longer socks, these can provide extra protection for your little one. It is a combination of cotton, polyester, and elastane so they can be comfortable as knee-high baby socks. Most of them have striped designs and have furry animals on the drawing.

Each pack has 6 pairs of socks and you can also choose between small (0 to 2 years old) and medium (2 to 4 years old). You can have your toddler or baby pair this with their favorite shorts or skirts.

Luvable Friends Newborn Baby Terry Socks

Also in a pack of 6 pairs, this one has cute and small designs that can be ideal for newborns. They are a mix of spandex, polyester, and 80% cotton, so they can be comfortable and stretchy as well. All are machine-washable and have cute patterns.

You can also choose other colors such as blues, other than pinks, and your newborn can wear this up to 3 months old. Some preemies could also wear this just fine.


To conclude, socks can stay on if they have proper folds. They should also be comfortable and have a stretchy design to make sure they fit well. We hope you liked our top picks for the best baby socks that stay on!

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