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Sleeping is very important for babies because if they need to grow up properly and get a healthy immune system, they need to get enough sleep. There are many benefits to sleep for babies, such as the need for food, drinking, and breathing. The great advantage of sleep for children, as well as adults, is to maintain their physical health, extending life and also to improve their emotional well-being.

A baby who is a newborn up to 2 months, according to many studies, is best to sleep from 12 to 18 hours as much as possible so that it can help them to repair their bodies when they are injured or sick. It is also a necessary thing to do to keep our hearts healthy, as well as for the babies in terms of improving memory.

With that said, having a nice and comfortable sleeping area for your baby is quite important – it gives them the best way to relax and to keep a sleeping habit. Aside from blankets that are for babies, you can also tuck them in an infant sleep sack, which can be useful while traveling.

What is an infant sleep sack?

An infant sleep sack is a kind of baby sleeper that is meant to be slept on while camping or outdoors. Just like how adults camp on a sleeper sack, babies, too, can have one on their own, which can provide them enough warmth for the winter or any cold weather.

Many of the sleep sacks that are for babies are made from quality fabrics, such as wool lining and those that are hypoallergenic and safe. This means that the baby will not suffer from allergic reactions on their skin, such as having rashes. They are also very comfortable to sleep on for babies due to their softness and their gentle fabrics.

Are sleep sacks safe for babies?

Generally, babies can use a sleep sack, as long as they are attended by the parent or guardian all the time. The sack should be made from quality material that is organic cotton or wool that will not cause allergic reactions to babies. Also, it should pass international standards so that it will not contain any harsh chemicals from manufacturing.

A baby sleeper sack should also have a good zipper system for fastening your little kid without suffocating them and also making it easy for you to get them out when they wake up. It should also provide them with enough leg room at the bottom while still keeping them warm when they sleep at night or whenever they sleep or take a nap.

Do sleep sacks keep babies warm?

Yes, many of these are great for 4-season use because they have materials that are fit for various seasons – cotton for the summer and wool lining for the winter. If your sleep sack is made of wool material, which comes from sheep and the like, then it is going to be a sleep sack that will help you to keep your baby warm.

Best Baby Sleep Sack

Without further ado, here are our top picks for the best baby sleep sacks:

Woolino Baby Sleeping Sack

A combination of organic cotton and Australian merino wool, this one has a silky-soft hypoallergenic material so it will be comfortable for your baby. It is ideal for babies who are 2 months old up to 2 years of age. It is also easily machine washable so it is easy to care of. Other than that, the material is also anti-bacterial and odor repellent to make it simple to maintain.

It can be used for 4 seasons due to its wool and cotton combination. It has zipper pull guards so that your child will not get exposed to the zipper at all or chew on them and become a hazard. There are various colors available and it also has safety belt slots.

Hudson Baby Wearable Safe Sleep Blanket Sleeping Sack

This sleeper sack or bag is good for babies who are sleeping in the summer because they can stretch out their arms here but still get overall protection in the easy zippered design. It has various colors and sizes to choose from and it is also very soft and fluffy in terms of its design and material.

It can be used when your child is not very used to using a blanket in the crib or any bed, and they need extra protection from the cold.

HALO SleepSack Plush Dot Velboa Wearable Blanket

As a well-known wearable blanket for babies, this one comes in small, medium and large, and also has 4 colors to choose from. It is made with polyester micro-fleece so it is good at keeping your baby warm during the winter time without causing any threat to their breathing, thus, lessening the chance for SIDS to attack.

The design of this sleeper encourages parents to put their baby on his or her back to sleep. The fact that it has an inverted zipper allows you to change the diaper of your baby very easily and to avoid them from getting hurt by the zipper.

Nested Bean Zen Sack Classic

This wearable blanket for babies is made with pure cotton material and has various patterns to choose from. It is not only easy to wear for babies but is also machine washable for simple care. It has adjustable shoulder snaps so that you can fit it to any baby without considering their size and age.

You can also make it a diaper changing tool because of the two-way zipper system. It also has a good TOG rating of 0.5 so you can use it for when the days get hot (e.g. summer season). It is available in various sizes, from 3 months+, 6 months+ and large ones for 15+ months old – all of which passed tests without BPA and phthalates.

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Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Lite Baby Sleeping Bag

Easily wearable and breathable, this one is good for different months of babies and is made with 2 layers of super soft dreamy cotton so that it will be comfortable even when the summer nights kick in. There is also a high-quality reverse zipper so that it will not hurt your baby when you are zipping the sleeper from anywhere (whether they are standing or sleeping).

Its cocoon shape and Indian cotton material make it comfortable for your baby to sleep on. As for the adjustments, there are also shoulder snaps to make it fit best for your little one.

HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Wearable Blanket

If you want a plain version of the HALO sleeper sack, this one is made with microfleece that has a plain design that is available in various colors and sizes to choose from. Polyester material is also used so that it will be durable for extreme temperatures and frequent usage. It has a TOG rating of 1.0 that makes it great for various seasons and weather.

You can also use it for cooler temperatures as warm sleeper for babies and use it with various other sleepwear that your baby may wear.

Burt’s Bees Baby – Beekeeper Wearable Blanket

Babies who are more suitable for comfortable and organic materials would definitely love this one. It has an interior zipper guard so that your baby will stay safe when they are being fastened and tucked into the sleeper. Your late-night diaper changes will be a breeze due to the zipper mechanism that opens from the bottom, instead of from the top.

The cotton that is used is GOTS certified, which makes it organic and good for babies who tend to have rashes more often. It is also available in a variety of shades and patterns for your little one.

aden by Aden + Anais sleeping bag

Like a baby sleeping bag that is good for larger and older babies, this one is made with cotton muslin so it is both comfortable and a warm to sleep on for babies. It has various animal patterns to chose and its zipper zips open from the bottom so that you can change your baby’s diapers easily at night.

The baby sleeper is machine washable and it is applicable for babies who are 22 to 28 lbs. of weight. It has plenty of room in it and you can also find it usable for the summer nights due to its cotton material.

Touched by Nature Organic Cotton Sleeping Bag

This one is made with organic cotton that’s not only safe but also comfortable and eco-friendly for your baby. It has zippers from top to the bottom part for changing your baby’s diapers and it also has good breathability. Since it has a bit of a jersey material, it might be good for the summer season and times when the months are kind of warm.

HALO Early Walker SleepSack Micro-Fleece Wearable Blanket

As a wearable blanket for babies, this one also makes use of micro-fleece material and it is available in 4 sizes plus 6 colors. It has a TOG of 1.0 so it is good for various seasons and weather, plus it has foot openings so it is much like a nighttime overall when your child wears it.

You can also put it over the sleepwear that your child regularly uses in case the climate or weather gets cold at night. The design allows your child to move more often.

Carter’s Baby Girls’ Sleepbag

This one has a front zipper design so it is easy to make diaper changes at night or whenever they are sleeping or traveling in it. The polyester material makes it durable while the cute colors can make it a great gift for a baby shower. There is also a safety tab at the bottom to make sure your baby doesn’t hurt themselves during sleeping.


As a whole, baby sleep sacks are great for keeping your baby nice and warm so that they won’t get sick when they are sleeping in the cold weather. Instead of a blanket, they can just sleep with this camper or sleeper sack so that every time that they move, they won’t have to lose the blanket and lose warmth. We hope you enjoyed our top picks for the best baby sleep sack!

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