Best Baby Nail Clippers

It can be a little bit frightening to clip your baby’s nails when they are too long, but in terms of hygiene and safety, they really need to be trimmed. If someone asks you, “Can I look at your nails?” What will you do? Is it okay for you to show your clean nails because you are so confident with yourself, or do you immediately hide your hands from people?

Practicing a good habit starts when your child is still young, and trimming nails is important. You may have a good reason to prevent your nails from getting too long. The nail clipping experience can be  either good or terrible, especially for children and babies who do not know yet how to manage their nails. More knowledge about the way we should clip our baby’s nails can help us become more aware of how to take care of our baby.

Your nails are primarily composed of hard dead cells with little protein called keratin. When babies grow so does the speed of the nail ends increase, and this pace varies with each finger and every person. In the same way, if you were to use baby nail clippers, it would be more practical to use it in the daylight. You need to clip the nail in daylights because the baby’s nail is still soft and could bleed immediately if you don’t see it properly. It’s not exactly superstitions; it’s a practical tip.

Best Baby Nail Clippers

Here are our top picks for the best baby nail clippers out there:

The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper

This unique baby nail care product has a magnifier up to 4x to increase confidence and reduce eyestrain of the parent. This makes it easier to use on a baby with small fingers. Its stainless steel blades can cut as precise as possible and it is also very safe to hold with an ergonomic sure-grip shape. It is good for small nails and for children from 0 months and up. The magnifier is also removable.

Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail Trimmer File

As a complete set with a nail trimmer and a file, this one is a good nail care kit for kids. It has an LED front light so that you can see the baby’s nails easily and it will also be simple to trim your baby’s nails without waking them up with the use of the whisper-quiet motor.

It has a set of 3 cushioned sandpapers safe for babies so that it will be safe to use and also very colorful to your little ones. The nail trimmer is also powered by 2 AA batteries so it is ready to be used. The lightweight and compact design of the trimmer makes it a travel buddy as well.

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NailFrida the SnipperClipper Set

This unique clipper for babies has a safety spy hole so that you will be able to see and check if you are clipping the right length for your baby without hurting them. Because the design of this clipper has overlapping blades, it will be easy and smooth to operate without waking up your baby or causing panic to them.

The unique thing is that it has a curved S-shape and is specially designed for small fingers so that it will not be prone to accidental cuts that may hurt your baby. The curved design is also a good way to keep your baby’s fingernails smooth afterward.

Consevisen Nail File Electric Nail Trimmer Manicure Set

This manicure set for babies is a complete package which contains the polish grooming kit as well. It has an LED light for you to easily see what you are looking at, and a 1-button operation for this electric nail file. In addition, you can choose the appropriate speed with its 2-speed design.

As a CE and RoHS approved the baby item, this one has two rotation so it is good as a design for left and right-hand usage. The other stuff in the package can be used to trim and polish fingernails and toenails so that they will be smooth later on.

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Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper

As a colored baby nail clipper, this one has curved cutting edges so that they will leave a smooth cut or trim onto your baby’s nails. There is also an emery board slot and emery board so that it will be constantly sharp without hurting your child’s nails and skin.

Because of its ergonomic soft touch handle, it will be very simple to hold for your nail clipping session. Also, since it is an electronic baby nail clipper, it has a lasting battery that you can take with you when you are out traveling with your little one.

Royal Angels Baby Nail Trimmer

This one contains a lot in one package, such as a storage case, filing attachments, and tools that are for both babies and adults. There is even a bonus callus remover for the older parents as well as file pads that are for babies. The package contents can not only trim your baby’s nails, but it will also help to sand, clip and polish fingernails.

Its super quiet motor can make trimming your baby’s nails easier and hassle-free and the LED front light aimed at nails can make things simpler when you are trying to cut or trim the nails to avoid excessive trimming.

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ARRNEW 4-in-1 Baby Grooming Kit

As a cute design for a baby manicure set, this one is complete with the electric nail cutter for babies, as well as a file, a pair of tweezers, a scissor, all in just one package. The tips of the nail cutter are rounded, edges are curved and the whole thing is safe for your baby’s little fingers.

With ergonomic and non-slip handles to avoid slipping, this one is made of stainless steel for its metal parts so it is going to be quite durable. Alongside that, its other tools are made from baby-safe ABS, a plastic material known for good strength and toughness.

Summer Infant Nail Clipper Set

As a simple set of baby clippers, this one also includes an adult-sized one. The baby clipper has rounded tip so that it will be safe for your child’s nail ends. To make it simpler and less frustrating to cut your baby’s nails, it has a soft over-mold for comfort overall. The unique thing about this baby clipper is that the handle rotates 360 degrees so you can gain better control of the nail trimming situation.

Nuby Infant Nail Clipper

Along with the cute design on the end, this one is sized for baby’s small nails so it will be just right without overwhelming their fingers. It is sharp enough and also easy to use for most parents when clipping their little ones, and it can even be used by older kids due to the straightforward manual design. Made of good quality material, it is also not too bulky to put into your diaper bag when on a trip.

ZoLi BUZZ B Electric Nail Trimmer

If you want an electric nail trimmer that can be used from birth onwards, this one is not only effective for babies to toddlers but also very safe to use. It also comes in its own storage case for traveling purposes and it also has cushioned pads for your child to use for added comfort.

Because of its effective oscillating action that works its way to trim your baby’s nails, it will be very gentle enough for newborns as well. It also has 2 power settings to conserve battery life.

Livememory Baby Nail Set Baby Manicure Set

This manicure set is easy to fold and pack because of its packable design and a bear figure at the front. It comes with various accessories like a file and tweezers as well as scissors. With the case made of PVC leather, it is safe for kids to handle and also very durable. BPA-free plastic has been used for the other manicure set tools. There is also a handy hole that makes the baby nail clipper easy to travel with.

Love TerriLynn Baby Nail Trimmer

As a complete manicure set, this one has a lot of baby nail file colors to choose from in the package for trimming very small nails. It has a total of 3 speeds to choose from and it also has 3 stages of baby age for you to choose from (0 to 3 months, 3 to 12 months and 12 months and above), each with different colors. It also has an adult sanding head included and it is also rechargeable for travel use without being too noisy. It also has an LED light for you to see the fingernails better.

Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Clipper

Designed with the cute Piyo Piyo character, this one is definitely for babies due to the wide design that makes the task of clipping baby’s nails easier and safer. Aside from that, there is also a unique cover that protects the end of the nail clipper so that it won’t hurt your baby or anyone else when it is stored. There are 2 colors to choose from and it has an ergonomic design on the handle.

RHOOST Baby Nail Clipper Teal

As a very soft but effective baby nail clipper, this one has a unique thumb pad action that is very soft and rests on a bamboo cradle so that it will be simple enough to cut or trim your baby’s nails. There are 3 colors to choose from for the pad and the design can also fit well for most adults as a nail clipper.


Children and babies become healthier and more resistant to infection when the nail is short, and this is why they should be clipped with their nails. They should be cut straight and not circular with the use of a good pair of nail clippers, and remember: it is a good habit to keep your baby’s nails filed and smoothened so that they won’t cause harm.

Clipping your child’s nails is important because our nails protect the tip of the fingers of the hands and feet from getting injured. We hope you enjoyed our top picks for the best baby nail clippers!

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