Best Baby Floats

When you want babies to swim out in the water, that’s where an inflatable baby floater comes into play. These pool accessories come in different sizes and shapes but their basic purpose is to keep your baby afloat and safe while trying to swim or have fun splashing around.

Getting acquainted with water during their first few years is an important experience for babies because it helps them to conquer this fear when they reach toddler stage and up. There are many benefits of allowing your little one to enjoy the pool, such as the following:

  • Cognitive functions – it helps them to develop spatial awareness because they need to use their arms and legs to move around the water, even with the help of a floater.
  • Reduced fear of water – this means that when they first take their swimming lessons, they won’t be shocked because they have been well-acquainted with water.
  • Overall confidence – babies who are more exposed to water becomes more self-aware and confident when they grow up because they realize that water is nothing to fear, and it is fun. They exercise better self-control and independence.

Carrying them all the time around the pool or body of water doesn’t seem convenient for a parent. This is when the inflatable gear comes in handy for your baby to use.

Of course, the baby float should be comfortable and secure for your little one in terms of construction, paint, materials, and durability, otherwise, you would be compromising your baby’s safety in the long run. This is why we’ve taken the liberty to round up some of the best baby floats out there for you to buy.

Best Baby Floats

Here are our top picks for the best baby floats for your little one:

Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Baby Swim Float

Applicable for babies from 5 to 18 months old (large size), this inflatable ring for babies has a raised front and wide sides so that your baby won’t risk flipping over when they swim around. What we like is that it also has a soft bottom to further prevent your little one from falling out of the floater.

It is also easy to take with you anywhere due to the quick inflation and deflation method. This large-sized inflatable float for babies measure 21 x 18 inches and has sufficient room for little ones who weigh 13 to 38 lbs. However, there are also other sizes available, such as small and x-large. Also, the chest support has a soft texture that is gentle to your baby’s skin.

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SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center

If you want your child to stay cool under the sun, this one has a canopy that can protect them. Don’t worry – it won’t stay too hot because there are mesh sides that allow breathing room (and also keep small no-see-ums and other bugs away similar to that of a tent). With a fun design and an octopus at the front, your little one can splash in the pool while also playing with a fun toy.

Not only that – the baby float also comes with various other small toys such as a squeaker fish and stacking rings for a fun activity under the sun. Since it measures 34 inches, it can be ideal for babies aged 9 to 24 months. The design also makes it easily packable and foldable for your next trip with your little one.

LAYCOL Baby Swimming Float

Yet another baby float that has a canopy is this one, which also has UPF50+ to keep your little one cool under hot weather. The PVC material used in this baby float is not only leak-proof but also passed the CPC standards so it is friendly towards your child’s skin due to being non-toxic. Also, the abdomen support and shoulder straps are not too tight so they can be comfortable for your baby.

Due to the design of the float, it can allow your baby to learn how to do backstrokes and breaststrokes depending on how you buckle them up. This can help them to safely learn how to swim even in the comfort of a baby float. There’s also a manual pump included in the pack so you can inflate it easily. Different sizes are available: small, large, and XL.

SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy

As a large baby floater, this one is more suitable for little ones who are 9 to 24 months old. It comes with a canopy as well with mesh sides for protection against the sun (it has UPF50+) and the small bugs. The mesh seat is soft enough for babies not to feel uncomfortable when sitting for long hours.

There are also child safety valves as well as dual air chambers so that your baby can stay safe when they float with it. Also, if you just want to use it indoors, the canopy can be removed, which is also a good feature if you want to pack up the baby float for travel.

Intex My Baby Float

If you want a simple baby float, this one has the classic yellow color and a pillow backrest for your little one to lay back on for comfort. It has standard bottom support for your baby plus two air chambers due to the double layer of rings. These two rings help add stability to your baby while on the water.

Measuring 26 1/2 inches in diameter, this baby float can even work for babies up to 20 pounds in weight. The durable material and design of the double-layered tube could also make it ideal even for swimming in the ocean or lake – the stacked design allows it to withstand even harsher waves of water compared to soft materials.

VQ-Ant 2020 MamboBaby Solid Swimming Float

Available in 2 colors, this soft baby float has a canopy so it can be suitable for summer outings when the sun is very hot. It even has a tail part to prevent your baby from flipping over while the wide design can also fit in older or bigger babies so they can still enjoy being in the water without much worry.

Since this one doesn’t need to be inflated, it is a unique pick among our suggestions, so this might be a good choice if you don’t like having to inflate or use a pump for a baby float. It uses pearl foam and waterproof membrane inside the swimsuit cloth instead of air.

PEFECEVE Baby Inflatable Swimming Pool Float

Providing the parent or guardian with a 360-degree view of their baby, this float is ideal for 3 to 12 months old and is made with ASTM-certified PVC material that is leak-proof for safety. It comes with a pump and tube for easy inflation and deflation processes when packing up.

Since it has a double-decked air design, it can be more stable even when out in the ocean or large bodies of water as compared to cheaper baby floats. It also has soft bottom support that not only avoids flipping over but also keeps your little one comfortable as they use it. The float is also available in large sizes for bigger babies.

Speedo Baby Swim Flotation Baby Cruiser

Most of us know that Speedo is a well-renowned worldwide brand of swimming gear, and their baby float is also something worth trying due to its removable canopy and soft fabric seat. These features can keep your little one comfortable under the sun for hours of swimming (the canopy is UV-proof).

It also has 2 inflation floatation chambers to keep your child safe wherever they go around the pool or body of water. Accepting babies up to 33 lbs. of weight, it can also be easily deflated and kept into the included carry bag when not in use. Its leg holes also seem comfortable in design as compared to standard baby floaters in the market.

Intex Kiddie Float

Bearing a really cute design, this baby float is ideal for babies from 1 to 2 years old so it is aimed mostly for the older babies. It has smooth leg holes so that babies won’t have rash and strain from constantly sitting in their floater all afternoon. The canopy is also inflatable on its own.

To add to your child’s entertainment, the baby float has 1 rattle ball and 2 plastic balls onboard – both of which add color and activity to your baby’s summer getaway. You can also lift the sunshade by using the Velcro on the posts.

SwimSchool Lil’ Skipper Baby Pool Float

This baby float has a striking design that young pirates might love. Ideal for 6 to 18 months old, it has an adjustable backrest. This adjustability would be useful for growing babies or if you want to give the baby float to another young one in the future.

It is made with a 3-ply safety seat to keep it durable for long-term use. Moreover, this baby float is 28 inches in diameter and is also easy to inflate and deflate (can be folded flat).


Summing it up, baby floats can be a great breather for your child if they’re tired of playing indoors. Not only will they get to swim in the water and enjoy splashing around, but they will also feel relaxed and more acquainted with water, helping them to easily develop swimming fundamentals as they grow up.

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