Best Baby Breathing Monitor

A baby breathing monitor is similar to a baby monitor, only it focuses more on your baby’s breathing. It can be an important baby device for parents who are often busy and far away from their baby and need to check if they are sleeping and breathing properly to avoid SIDS.

There are different kinds of baby breathing monitors, such as:

1. Mat monitor – this one is designed to have sensors underneath and they detect your baby’s breathing patterns more accurately than any other type. They are only bulky to carry around, however.

2. Wearable monitor – they are the most portable ones, but they can be prone to false alarms, so they are only best-worn while on a trip.

Do breathing monitors prevent SIDS?

Yes, home monitors for sleep apnea and SIDS can possibly prevent such things from happening. These monitors have the function of tracking the heart rate and the breathing of your baby while they are asleep. They inform you using an alarm if your baby’s breathing is below the usual levels or if they stop breathing briefly.

A home monitor is a good investment if your baby has very serious breathing problems, and if SIDS or sleep apnea runs in the family. It can also help if your baby is sleeping in a space that doesn’t have a lot of oxygen or fresh air to breathe.

Why should you get a baby breathing monitor?

Here are the benefits of having a baby breathing monitor at home:

1. You can prevent SIDS. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS is a serious condition that can affect babies and families. If it is not monitored well, it can mean the unfortunate loss of your loved one. Therefore, properly monitoring your baby’s breathing can be important so that you know when he or she is losing breath or stopping suddenly.

2. You will have peace of mind. There is nothing else more peaceful than knowing your baby is asleep and breathing properly. For moms and dads who tend to worry a lot more for their baby, you can use this baby breathing monitor instead of having to check on their room all the time, which can be annoying at times, and can’t be done if you are out at work.

3. You can check if your baby is comfortable. If your baby breathes properly during their sleep and in a normal phase then you have nothing to worry about. You are ensuring that your little one stays comfortable as much as possible so they can have a good night’s sleep.

4. No more barging on baby’s room. Sometimes, babies do get woken up by sudden noises, such as you coming around to check on their sleep, which may be unnecessary if you already have a baby breathing monitor, or at least it is lessened. Checking on your baby’s room more often can be annoying to babies so it helps to just use a breathing monitor instead.

Best Baby Breathing Monitor

Here are our suggested picks for the best baby breathing monitor in the market today:

Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor

Meant to be worn as a pair of socks, this one can be comfortable and non-invasive since they have a comfortable design. They come in 3 different colors and you can track your baby’s breathing stats using your iOS or Android smartphone or device by downloading the Owlet App and using the syncing device.

The smart sock collects data from your baby and sends it as heart rate and oxygen using your Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth towards the syncing device or base station. You can even manage different babies with one app and you can even track the historic sleep data of your baby. The app notifies you if something is wrong with your baby’s breathing and heart rate statistics. It has a maximum range of 100 feet of operation.

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MonBaby Smart Baby Monitor and Smartphone App

Yet another baby breathing monitor that is meant to be paired with a smartphone app, this one has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options as well. It detects your baby’s breathing movements, sleep position, and when your baby suddenly falls by detecting sharp, loud sounds.

What’s more, the baby monitor also tells you if the battery of the syncing device is too low or if you are out of range. You can use an iPhone or Android smartphone for connecting the MonBaby app to the unit itself to monitor your baby’s activity. It can send updates up to 5 times per second and the device is easy to attach to any pajama or onesie for your baby.

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Cocoon Cam Plus

Able to display your baby’s breathing rate and heart rate (BPM) in real-time, this one is a 2-in-1 video monitor and a breathing monitor as well. It monitors video, sound, has 2-way audio communication, video zoom, sleep analytics, automatic night vision, sleep detection, crying detection, motion alerts, and breathing monitoring.

Unlike traditional baby monitors, this one has a unique way of communicating with your baby as if you were there. It is also functional even when it’s dark so you don’t have to necessarily wake your baby up by turning on the lights. What’s more, it has shared access so that multiple members of the family can see and monitor the baby. The system is contact-free so it will be less annoying for babies.

Sense-U Baby Monitor Breathing Detector

As a baby monitor that detects various aspects of your baby’s sleep and condition, this one is able to detect their sleeping position, their temperature, their breathing rate, and more stats. It uses Bluetooth for a real-time detection method and it can send data within 15 seconds or less if your baby isn’t breathing properly.

If your baby rolls over, it also easily detects so you can check on your baby to roll them back to your preferred sleeping position. You can also check the baby’s temperature if they feel too cold or too hot and uncomfortable. The badge can be worn on your baby’s clothing so it is not easy to outgrow, unlike other monitor mechanisms.

New Babysense 7

This one is meant to fit under the mattress so it is a bit more accurate than the other ones that we picked here, although it can’t really be that portable. Nonetheless, if you want an infant monitor with a full bed coverage, this one is probably the one to pick. It comes with 2 sensor pads that are able to detect within 10 micro-movements per minute. Since the sensor has a passive design, it may not be too annoying for your baby.

Only 4 AA batteries are required to operate this baby monitor. It can be easily activated with one button and its design is good for babies who are newborn and up. The connecting wires are also hidden so they are non-invasive.

Miku Smart Baby Monitor

Yet another baby monitor that is contact-free so that your baby doesn’t feel awkward all the time, this one is able to detect your baby’s breathing, sleep patterns, and other stats. It is powered by Wi-Fi connections and it can detect a lot of stuff at once, such as motion, sound, humidity, and more. It is also able to see your baby even in dark areas due to the night vision.

Since it allows you for two-way communication, you can reach out to your baby just fine as if you were there beside them even when you are far away. The whole thing is easy to install within seconds and it has an instruction manual in the box. It also has a two-step authentication process so you feel secure as to who sees your baby’s condition.

Snuza Go! Wireless Baby Monitor – Orange

As a wireless baby monitor that looks portable and easy to use, this one only measures 1 x 2 inches and can be easily clipped onto your baby’s diaper, so it can be a good choice if you are always on the go with your little one.

It can alert you if your baby has low breathing movements after a set period of time. You can set this period from 15 to 18, to 20 seconds depending on your preferences. What’s more, it can also detect your baby’s movements. To know that the device is working properly, it has a clicker sound that won’t disturb your baby when you attach it to them.

Angelcare Baby Monitor

Also a combination of a video baby monitor and a breathing monitor, this one has a 5-inch display for its video output and has a secure digital transmission (2.4GHz) that keeps your baby safe from other people who might spy on them. It features 2-way communication so you can talk to your baby when they are far away from you.

The setup of the camera is easy using the magnetic mount and it even displays the current room temperature. It detects your baby’s movements and notifies you along with its breathing sensor pad that can track if your baby is breathing and sleeping properly.

NANNY Baby Movement European Monitor

If you want something that is for medical use, this one can be a good choice, since it has been a SIDS certified device that has been used in European countries. It is one of those that are registered and certified as a CE medical device by the European Union so you can be assured of its quality.

It detects your baby’s delicate movements and alerts you within 20 seconds or less. It also has certifications from the FCC and the CPSIA for safety. It runs on batteries and it can be a good sleep apnea monitor if you don’t really need a video output or camera.

Levana Oma Sense Portable

Also a non-contact baby monitor, this one is cordless and portable so it can be good for traveling babies. It doesn’t require Wi-Fi to connect but it alerts you if your baby has no movement detected within 15 seconds or less.

The device is easy to attach to your baby’s clothing so it can be simple to set up. It also has LED lights that can alert the parents for anything that might be wrong with your little one.


To wrap it up, a baby breathing monitor is definitely a good decision to buy if you are worried for your baby’s safety, especially if you have a family history of breathing problems, such as sleep apnea. We hope you liked our top picks for the best baby breathing monitor!

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