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Feeding your baby is one thing, but cleaning their bottles and other baby products can be quite a chore. For instance, milk is hard to clean if most of it is left inside the bottles and it can be hard to take it out with just a bottle brush. You also don’t want to use dish cleaners that you often use in washing regular dishes and utensils. Why so? This is because your baby may get those nasty and unwanted chemicals in your child’s formula.


So you ask yourself…what’s the best way to clean up those baby bottles? What kind of dish soap should I use? In this article, we’ll have a look at some of the best products out there that you can use for cleaning. These products are not only safe to use, but are also eco-friendly, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and are recommended by pediatricians.


You need to look for dish soaps that are fit for baby’s needs when cleaning those feeding bottles. You don’t want the regular dishwashing soap to be too harsh for your child’s feeding items, right? This is when you can count on a good dish soap that has a friendly formula for your kid.


Best Baby Bottle & Dish Soap

We have a bunch of baby bottle dish soaps here that you might like:


Dapple Fragrance-Free Baby Bottle & Dish Liquid

Dapple Fragrance-Free Baby Bottle & Dish Liquid

This dish liquid comes in cute packaging so it is easy to squeeze out the cleaning agent that can be used for your baby’s bottles. It is made with all-natural ingredients and has been certified to be safe for your baby. Each bottle contains 16.9 oz. and it is great at removing the film left from milk and many other food items your baby’s consuming. You can also use it on breast pumps, other than for baby bottles.


Because it is made without parabens, sulfates or phthalates, it’s safe and harmless to your baby when you use it as a cleaner. It is also great at removing milk odor that’s due to fat, protein and excess carbohydrates from most baby formulas.


Elysium Premium Natural Baby Bottle Liquid Dish Soap

Elysium Premium Natural Baby Bottle Liquid Dish Soap

If you want a dish soap that is made with ecological ingredients, this is a good choice. It acts as a cleaner and sterilizer at the same time and it is manufactured without harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, alcohol, and SLS. It makes the baby bottle clean and safe for your baby while keeping in mind an organic and green dish liquid for the baby supplies.


You can even use it easily due to the ergonomic pump that can speed up the process of your baby bottle cleaning. While it gives off a good lather, it does not leave any residue so you don’t have to keep washing it too often. It is also a good product for parents who want vegan products.


Puracy Natural Liquid Dish Soap

Puracy Natural Liquid Dish Soap

A dish soap that has sulfate-free formulation is a good buy because it will prevent your child from contacting any kind of irritation, which is commonly found in commercial shampoos as a harsh chemical for babies. The bottle is at 16 ounces but you can also order bigger ones at 64 ounces. It has green tea and lime extract so it will not only clean your baby’s bottles but will also make them smell good while being organic at the same time.


Those parents who are washing with hard water can also be contented with this unique dishwasher because it’s made to keep away those bad odors as well, leaving only spot-free surfaces in any baby product that you have with suds that easily rinse. What’s more, the formulation of the baby bottle cleaner is friendly towards your skin so your hands won’t feel gritty afterward. Because it is made with organic materials, it won’t affect septic systems or greywater.


Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap

Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Liquid Soap

For babies and moms who want pure castile soap, this one contains 32 ounces so it’s a lot to keep and use. And because it is made being unscented, you won’t cause any allergic reaction if your baby is somewhat feeling off towards scents. The unique thing about the castle liquid soap that this formula is, would be that it has organic and vegan ingredients combined.


It’s good not just for cleaning your baby’s items, but also for washing your baby’s hands and body in general. It is an all-in-one product with only organic ingredients like coconut and jojoba oil.


Seventh Generation Dish Liquid Soap

Seventh Generation Dish Liquid Soap

At 25 ounces each sold in a pack of 6, this powerful but safe cleaning option for baby products and bottles is a good dish cleaner liquid soap with zero fragrances, dyes, phosphates, or triclosan. It is also gentle and has a hypoallergenic formula made for sensitive skin of your baby or little one. Also, the reason why it’s safe for a septic system is that it’s made with organic and safe ingredients. If you like to wash your baby items manually then this is the way to go with.


This liquid soap formula has a biodegradable content because its packaging is made from recycled materials while the formula is plant-driven to be environmentally-conscious. You can also purchase a scent-free version of this product for babies with scent allergies.


MADE OF Foaming Organic Baby Dish Soap

MADE OF Foaming Organic Baby Dish Soap

Do you want a bottle that’s easy to dispense the liquid soap from? This one is not just that – it’s also organic and vegan, is NSF certified. You can also rest assured of its safety for babies due to being dermatologist and pediatrician tested for its gentle formula. At 18 ounces of liquid soap, it’s made with organic ingredients (coconut oil, aloe vera, rosemary) and does not contain phthalates, synthetic ingredients, sulfates or parabens.


You can choose between fragrance-free, lavender or sweet orange for your cleaning routine. What’s more, for babies with sensitive diets, it is non-GMO, soy-free, nut-free to be truly organic. Many people found it great for washing not just bottles, but also toys and even for washing them before a diaper change – to avoid rashes!


Babyganics Foaming Dish and Bottle Soap

Babyganics Foaming Dish and Bottle Soap

Another bottle of soap that’s easy to dispense would be this 16-ounce pump bottle, containing foaming dish and bottle soap. It has plant-based ingredients that do not cause allergies, irritations and the like due to being tested by dermatologists and pediatricians. It contains no fragrances, dyes, phthalates or phosphates to be safe for your baby.


You can use it with peace of mind because it’s good and chemical-free without the harsh chemicals as regular soap. Because it is fragrance-free, your baby won’t catch allergies. A little goes a long way when you apply this product to your baby items so it will also work well on breast pumps to keep them squeaky clean.


Berkley Green Baby Natural Non -Toxic Dish & Bottle Soap

Berkley Green Baby Natural Non -Toxic Dish & Bottle Soap

A dish soap that has this simple packaging is something that looks interesting, other than being an organic formula. It has a clear liquid so you know it’s safe without artificial stuff. Because it is hypoallergenic, it will be safe for you and your baby, and because it’s vegan, gluten-free and GMO-free, it makes the formula a good choice for vegans, as it has never, ever been tested on animals, being cruelty-free.


You can use this soap/cleaner for dried food, baby messes, breast milk, baby formula leftovers, foul smell of leftover milk and much more. Among its certifications include that it’s EPA Safer Choice Certified.



Here are some frequently asked questions about baby bottles and dish soaps:


Why you should buy the baby bottle & dish soap?

There is more than one reason to wash your baby bottles (and baby items) with baby-safe dish soap instead of regular dish soap:


  1. No chemical residue

Dish soap that is made for baby bottles is great at being eco-friendly and baby-safe. It leaves no chemical residue unlike your usual dish soap (e.g. Dawn, Joy) that are used for regular dishes. If you’re a little more meticulous then you may find some soap residue on your baby’s bottles, which can be hard to clean without a proper dish soap that’s meant for baby items.


  1. Safe for your baby

Because most of these dish soaps are organic, usually unscented, they are safe for baby’s consumption. With regular dish soap, the chemical residues may get left behind whereas, with organic ingredients, your baby’s health won’t be compromised as much.


  1. Better at cleaning milk fats

This is a big problem if you are a nursing mom. Breast milk can really cling onto baby bottles (and breast pumps) so you should use a bottle dish soap instead of regular ones to easily clean all those milk residues.


  1. No harsh smells

It’s organic, right? It’s going to smell good, usually with tea tree oil. Or…you can also for the unscented ones, just to be sure.


How do I properly wash baby bottles with dish soap?

If you are new to washing baby bottles using dish soap, here are the steps that you should follow (or at least keep in mind):


  1. Prepare your bottle brush, nipple brush, and any good, clean sponge.


  1. Rinse the baby bottle as soon as after usage.


  1. Use hot, soapy water to fill up a bowl.


  1. Disassemble the baby bottles.


  1. Place the baby items into the bowl for a few minutes to get most of the residue away.


  1. Clean each baby bottle part separately and thoroughly using the brushes.


  1. Rinse each part as much as possible under the tap water to eliminate the residues.


  1. Dry them with a clean towel and stack them upside down on a dish rack (or a bottle rack).


Tip: if you think your baby bottles smell really bad for weeks of use, you can also put them in boiling water for thorough sterilization.



To conclude, these dish soaps that are made for baby bottle cleaning are better choices. If you’re tired of seeing milk fats stuck in your baby bottles and want a better way of cleaning them than your old dishwashing liquid, why not try any of these dish soaps? Not only are they eco-friendly, but they also pack cleaning power without sacrificing the organic and baby-safe stuff!

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