Best Baby Booties

Baby booties, also known as baby shoes or soft shoes, are kinds of shoes that are applicable for your little ones to protect them from all sorts of dangers of the outside world. They usually come in different sizes and can have different designs as well.

The most important thing to know about baby booties is that they have nonskid bottom soles that are thin enough to make it breathable for your child, since they may not be too used to wearing shoes yet.

These baby booties or baby shoes can be comfortable, but they need to be the right shape in order for your child’s feet and fingers to breathe comfortably. Soft-soled shoes like these can allow your child to stretch their feet so that they won’t feel suffocated.

Wearing baby booties can be essential for developing their physical capability of walking in the future. This is because their foot muscles can benefit more if they are wearing the right kind of footwear.

Best Baby Booties

Here are our top picks for the best baby booties to shield your child’s feet:

Zutano Unisex-Baby Newborn Cozie Fleece

Made for newborn babies and up, these baby boots are made from 20% polyester for durability and 80% cotton for absolute comfort. It is easy to wear due to the included snap closure and it has a variety of colors and styles to choose from.

It stands 0.7 inches high and 14 inches wide and they are great boots to wear for children who live in cold weather so that they can have protection on their feet. Because they are made from fleece, they are great foot insulators for your child whenever they go outside.

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cozy Fleece Booties

 These fleece-made boots for little babies are great for the winter due to their insulation capabilities. They are much like slippers so they won’t be too bulky for your child to wear. It is also easy to slip on due to the hook and loop closure included.

A gripping tread on the outsole part of the baby boots is included to make sure your child doesn’t slip when they try to walk with it. The polyester material of the boots keeps it durable for long-term use while the cozy fleece protects them from snow coldness.

CONDA Baby Booties Infant Fleece Slippers

Very soft and cozy when it comes down to its material, these baby booties are made from soft fleece to keep your child warm and comfortable when they wear it for long hours. It is applicable for newborns up to 18 months old.

It can be used by both baby girls and baby boys and they are easy to slip on due to the snap function of the Velcro strap. The ankle straps also keep the fitting just right for most sizes and its grip dots at the bottom make it slip-resistant overall.

Luvable Friends Girls’ Cozy Fleece Booties

Also warm and cozy due to the fleece material that is quite soft, it is easy to machine wash due to the durable nature of the material, which is also backed by polyester for use for many years. They stay on your child’s feet due to the just-right fitting of the whole bootie design.

They can keep your child’s feet warm and comfortable due to the fleece material and you can also choose the right size and color that you want. The Velcro closure proves to be very easy to put on and off for kids who can be a handful sometimes, assisted by the included pull tab.

Jefferies Socks Baby Hand Crochet Bootie

If you prefer something that has been made from crocheting, this is a good choice for you. Its lace-like design makes it unique and also stylish for either girls or boys who like white designs. Made with 100% cotton this super comfortable baby bootie is good for both the summer and the winter due to the breathability of the cotton.

While it is best when hand washed, it’s cotton material is a unique type of cotton called premium mercerized cotton that is ideal for babies whose feet grow up very fast (due to its stretching ability).

Bird Rock Baby Fleece Baby Booties

Also made with organic cotton, this baby bootie seems to be great for both summer and winter as well, but it has more closed areas so it may be best for the cold seasons. It has various colors to choose from and sizes to pick while its bottom gripper is something unique – made of letters that are rubberized to keep your child’s feet steady and non-slipping.

Its snaps are easily adjustable to match your growing child’s fitting needs. What’s more, the snaps can stay on for a very long time, unlike low-quality snaps, due to the unique 3-snap closure system.

Zutano Unisex-Baby Newborn Candy Stripe

Also meant for the newborn babies, this one is for the stripe lovers. It has various colors and patterns to choose from while it is made from cotton as well so it can be used for warm days of the summer or springtime. The two-snap design allows it to stay put whenever and wherever your baby goes.

It is also easy to clean due to the machine-washable fabric, while the snap closure is easy to put on and off. Its interlock cotton also allows breathability while at the same time, keeps your child’s feet warm and away from harm.

Goumi Kids Baby Booties

This secure pair of baby booties are ideal for children from newborn up to 3 months old. They can be used for babies who like to wiggle more often due to the 2-part closure system that keeps the boots on your child without easily slipping away. Since they are easily machine-washable, they can be simple to maintain overall.

Bamboo-derived viscose and organic cotton have been used for the material of the baby booties, allowing it to be more breathable for the summer yet still keep your child’s feet protected. It also has antimicrobial features in its fabric mix to prevent harmful germs from invading your baby’s feet.

Luvable Friends Baby Cozy Fleece

Also equipped with a non-skid bottom for safety purposes, it is available in various colors such as cream, light blue, pink, black, grey, and others. As a combination of polyester material and fleece, this super comfortable boots for babies are sure to be usable during the winter without compromising comfort and durability.

Easy to machine wash, it is also simple to put on and off for kids who like to move too much due to the hook and loop closure. It measures 14 x 0.7 inch and its fleece material is definitely soft enough for your baby to handle.

Beeliss Baby Girls Loafers Knitted Crib Shoes

Made with the design of loafers shoes, this one is available in red, grey, pink, and brown colors, and is made with knitted cotton and a fabric soft sole to make sure your child’s feet stay breathable all throughout their trip outside (or indoors). They are easy to put on and off due to the adjustable strap closure design.

It also has a non-slip surface at the bottom but it doesn’t suffocate your child with its design so it can be a set of comfortable house slippers other than baby boots to keep their feet protected at all times.

Royal Victory Baby Boys Girls Moccasins

This baby shoe pair is good for those who want to give your child a classic look due to the Moccasin design of the baby boots. It is good for those who are still learning to walk and to tie their shoes, while it is also simple to put on and off using the elastic ankle band.

The classic design is sure to be unique among other baby shoes without putting aside your child’s comfort. It is easy to carry due to the soft and lightweight material of the sole and the whole shoe. The anti-slip outsole material is good to prevent accidents.

Robeez Classic Cozy Baby Boots

Also made with outsoles that are soft enough for babies to wear comfortably, this one is good for the winter due to the design of the boots. It has fleece covering on the top and the sides while it has a faux leather all over to protect your child’s feet from the elements. It has different shades of color to choose and various sizes depending on your child’s age.

UGG Kids Bixbee Boot

Great for toddlers who are 1 to 4 years old, this comfortable shoe is good for insulation due to the dyed sheep fur that comes all the way from Australia. It has an outsole made from synthetic suede for durability while the terry cloth also keeps it soft to touch and adds comfort to your little one.

CONDA Baby Booties Fleece Slippers (Pink)

This is simply a pink version of our previous pick that’s best for girls. Baby shoes like this one can be great for different seasons due to the combination of fleece material for the winter and rubber sole for slippery areas. It is applicable for newborn babies up to 18 months and has soft outsoles to keep it comfortable.


To wrap it up, a walking toddler or baby may benefit more from baby booties or shoes that are applicable for children. They are soft and comfortable and they can help with your child’s development in the long run. We hope you liked this article and found a good choice for an ideal baby bootie for your little one!

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