Best Activity Cube For Baby & Kid

We all know that activity cubes can help children learn, but did you know that they are also enjoyable as toys for your kid? Much like activity tables, these ones are jam-packed with a lot of activities in just one toy and your child can easily play with them wherever they are and whenever they like.


The advantage to an activity cube is that it’s quite portable – you don’t have to bring a lot of toys all the time when you can just easily grab the activity cube in one go.


Best Activity Cube For Baby & Kid

Without further ado, here are some of our top picks for the best activity cubes that your baby or little kid will surely like:


Zany Zoo Wooden

B. Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube

This cube is made with many toys and sliders on the top and some activities on the sides, such as flip cubes and sliders. The cube measures 18 x 14 x 14 inches so it’s easy to play with and take with your kid wherever they go. This cube has some colorful beads that they can slide onto the wires on top and they can also play with the smaller flip cubes on the sides.


The cube has some activities that will help your child to learn their ABCs due to the alphabet on one side along with the pictures of the objects that correspond to each letter.


EverEarth Garden Cube

EverEarth Garden Activity Cube

This activity cube has a total of 6 sides, which makes it actually like a hexagon in shape. It has a design that is less likely to tip over due to the flat design at the bottom and the wired sliders at the top, which are all color-coated to make it attractive for curious babies and kids.


There are also spinning gears on one side that can help promote tactile skills for your baby, as well as some shapes that they can spin around. There are also buttons on the side that your baby can slide to the different numbers, which can help them to learn how to count.


ALEX Discover My Busy Town Wooden

ALEX Discover My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube

The My Busy Town is a wooden activity cube that comes with a plethora of activities for your kid, such as the counting beads on the top, some flip over pets on one side as well as a set of racing sliders on one side, which will be quite interesting for your kid.


Other activities that your kid will enjoy include the ABC word tiles for learning the alphabet, the peek-a-boo doors to help them discover different things and much more. The base is quite sturdy as well and your child will be able to play with it while sitting down.


Anatex Deluxe Mini

Anatex Deluxe Mini Play Cube

This play cube is packed with a lot of games, such as a rollercoaster express that contains beads, as well as some spinning gears, from small to large, to help your child learn how to spin things. There is also a section with traditional alphabet blocks so that your child can learn their ABCs in a colorful way.


There is also an abacus on one side to help your child to learn how to count. Your baby will also be delighted with the fun sliders on one side, which come in different colors and can go through different paths, from straight to curve to wavy!


VTech Alphabet Activity Cube

VTech Alphabet Activity Cube

This activity cube has rounded corners so it will be safer for your kid if they are prone to sharp items. The blocks can be removed and can be played with by your little child so they can learn the alphabet, the different shapes as well as the various colors around them. There are also nifty buttons that they can press out of curiosity.


It only requires 2 AA batteries to run and is filled with colorful elements, such as the telephone pad on one side. There are also some musical keys that your child will enjoy pressing for fun sounds.


Hape Country Critters Wooden Activity

Hape Country Critters Wooden Activity Play Cube

This cube has some shape sorters on one side, in which your child can learn how to identify the different shapes so they can fit them inside the holes. On the top part, there is a sliding bead system that your child will find interesting due to the colorful designs and the tree.


There are also rolling balls on one side that can help your child enhance how to slide objects or fit them in holes. The fun designs mimic that of a friendly forest, in which your child will find absolutely charming and colorful.


WolVol Educational Musical Center

WolVol Educational Musical Center

This activity cube is uniquely shaped so that the bottom part is stable and the top part is smaller but still has much stuff that you can find. There is a steering wheel on one side for a driving dashboard for kids. There is also a telephone with buttons on one side with a picture flipping image.


The abacus at the top with beads also looks colorful and can help children to learn how to count. With lights and sounds that will attract children, there is also a set with switches, a key, and some sliders to practice tactile skills.


Anatex Six-Sided Play Cube

Anatex Six-Sided Play Cube Activity Center

If you want a large play center that comes with a big and wide set of wired beads, your children may really love this one. It has many games that you can play, such as the abacus, the sliders, and the alphabet blocks.


Your child can use the colorful abacus to learn to count, use the sliders to learn hand and eye coordination or use the alphabet blocks to learn more about the alphabet. The whole thing measures 23″ x 23″ x 18″ and has a very colorful design for the beads and sliders.


VTech Sort & Discover

VTech Sort & Discover Activity Cube

For those who like to play sorting games and added challenges with music and sounds, this one is for you. It only requires 2 AA batteries to run and has a picture storybook, some keys that have sounds of animals and different instruments, and much more.


There is also a roulette on top that, when pressed with the selected character or animal, makes that specific sound, which can help children learn how to distinguish the different sounds of animals around them. The system also has 75+ songs for your child to enjoy.


Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Cube

Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Cube

This simple shape sorting cube is a must-have for when you are traveling due to the small and portable design. It has a bunch of shapes that your child will have to fit into the holes that correspond to the shape. This will help your child to learn the different shapes easier.


This cube is also made of wood so it will not easily get broken throughout the years. Also, it can be a great toy to help children develop their hand and eye coordination, as well as their visual and thinking skills. It has 12 shapes overall.


VTech Busy Learners Cube

VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

This colorful cube has a rounded corner design so it will be less likely to injure your child. It has many games such as sounds that your child can play with the press of the buttons. There are also some activity blocks that display the basic alphabet letters with their corresponding objects.


A sliding ladybug on one side will be a great exercise for your baby’s tactile skills, as well as some other buttons and sliders on one side. This one is great for babies who are somewhere between 6 months to 3 years old.


Play22 Activity Cube

Play22 Activity Cube with Bead Maze

Made with a lot of bead sliders at the top, this one is made with different activities on the sides of the cube. The abacus is made with simple colors that your child will understand and can help them to learn basic math. The sliders have different colors as well and they can help practice your child’s tactile skills.


There is also a shape sorter in one side in which your child needs to fit in the different shapes in order to put them in. The rotating blocks contain numbers that correspond to the number of objects that are in each block.


VTech Purple Busy Learners

VTech Purple Busy Learners Activity Cube

This one is like our Busy Learners pick above but in a different color. It requires only 2 AA batteries to run, so it can be powered anytime and anywhere for your baby’s entertainment. There is also a volume adjustment so that your child can play even without disturbing the neighbors or a baby who is asleep.


Like the above-mentioned pick, this one has buttons for sounds, sliders that your child can play with, as well as some flipping letter of the alphabet. To save battery, there is an automatic shut-off feature as well.


TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube

TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube

This activity cube has many sides of games to choose from. There is a clock with colors of the different numbers to help your child know and learn how to tell time. The shapes sorter can help your child learn which is a triangle, a circle, and a square and fit them into the holes.


The slider bee and ladybug panel can help with hand and eye coordination, as well as the panel with colorful gears that can spin around. What’s more, the top part is also made with sliding and rolling beads.


Victostar 6 in 1 Wooden Activity Cube

Victostar 6 in 1 Wooden Activity Cube

This activity cube has a ladybug slider on one side, in which the ladybug is colorful in design while the slider heads are easy to grab for babies and children. The top has a spiral bead loop that your child will enjoy playing with.


The side that has an abacus has enough space for your child to learn how to use it for basic math and counting numbers. There are also rotating letters and numbers that correspond to different animals. There are also rotating bells in the middle as well as a clock on one side.


IQ Toys Activity Cube

IQ Toys Educational Activity Center Cube

Made with a trapezoid shape, this one has a sturdy base so it will be easy to grab for children and won’t topple over easily. There is a colorful hammer by which your child can use to hit the center, causing it to light up and make sounds on its own.


The panels included are a driving panel, a telephone holder, a picture story flip panel, a microphone panel and a panel with rattles and gears. These panels are all very colorful and easy to touch for your little baby or child.


Elover Educational Wooden Shape Sorter

Elover Educational Wooden Shape Sorter

This activity cube has a cylindrical shape so it has bigger sides and a taller height, but can still be reached by children who sit down when playing. It has a slider on one side as well as a color number game roulette on one side.


The abacus is quite colorful on one of its sides, which can help your child learn how to count. The fun design of the frog eating the insects on the top of the beads section will be a fun thing to play with for your child.


Titiyogo Educational Wooden Shape Sorter

Titiyogo Educational Wooden Shape Sorter Cube

If you want your child to learn how to tell the time, this one has a panel to let you do so, and the clock even has a funny face that your baby will like! It also has a shape sorter so that your child will know how to put the shapes in the correct holes.


The top is much like with other activity cubes, as it has a sliding bead system with fun colors. Also, there is an abacus to help your child practice their counting skills and enhance their hand-eye coordination skills when they slide the beads.


ALEX Jr. Maxville Wooden

ALEX Jr. Maxville Wooden

Do you ever want to have a very large activity cube for your baby? This one is not just massive, but also colorful with a lot of activities for your child! It has sliding beads, sliding animals on the sides, spinning gears, spin and match characters and many more.


The unique thing about this activity cube is that it has a mirror on one side! The mirror has a bunny rabbit headpiece on top so that your child will find it fun and exciting to dress up as a rabbit even when just looking in the mirror!


Woby Musical Cube

Woby Musical Activity Cube

If your child is interested in music, this activity cube is probably the best for them. This one has a telephone panel with a flip story panel on one side. It also has a hammer to hit the drum to make fun sounds. There is also a fun sliding panel on one side, which is represented by funny animals!


One side also has a driving panel with a steering wheel, while the other side has a microphone and a control panel for the volume. There is also a small mirror so that your child can watch himself/herself sing with the microphone!



Overall, these activity cubes were amazing. Not only are they of quality materials and colors, but they also present a good educational value for your children due to the fun numbers, colors, shapes, alphabet letters and the like. Which activity cube do you think is the best for your baby and why?

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