Baltic Amber Is Safer Than Pharmaceuticals For Teething Babies

In regards to teething, parents and children are genuinely happier with natural remedies since there is a less likely chance to experience negative side-effects. By the same token, relief is gained without adverse secondary responses. With this in mind, pain alleviation is entirely possible with the conservative help of Mother Earth and her therapeutic elements.

On the contrary, over-the-counter medications which have antagonistic byproducts are the alternative yet they are not necessarily the answer. In the first place, children are far too vulnerable and fragile while teething to be exposed to pharmaceuticals. On the other hand, homoeopathic alternatives have been used for centuries by holistic healers to treat affliction from pain and they carry little to no side effects. In sum, by using naturally integrated attributes, teething children immediately experience essential and instinctive medicinal relief.

6 Natural Remedies For Teething Babies 

On the whole, the benefits of using natural medicine outweigh the possible aftermath of using prescriptions. For this reason, parents and children alike, profit more from utilizing wholesome elements. For the most part, the natural world has provided many treatments in regards to inflammation and pain. Seeing that natural remedies are often low-cost, with zero side effects and that they are, by and large, effective, they seem to be the most agreeable approach for parents with teething children.

  1. Cold 

In order to decrease inflammation in the body, ice has proven, time and again, to be helpful. Therefore, applying something cold to the mouth can also help in numbing teething gums. For example, by freezing a clean, wet cloth, a child can then gnaw on the cold cloth to help numb the afflicted area and reduce the gum’s swelling.

  1. Pressure 

In teething, children often become fixated on having something in their mouth. Even if it’s only their fingers, they’re ultimately applying pressure to the gum line and therein relieving pressure. Moreover, this counter pressure helps to appease the pain caused by teething. There are many ways to relieve pressure such as placing partially frozen fruit or even breast milk ice cubes into mesh baby feeders. In brief, mesh baby feeders allow children to safely and easily apply ice as pressure.

  1. Teething Toy 

By choosing a toy which specifically accommodates to teething, children are entertained as they experience pain relief. For instance, The Vulli Sophie Giraffe Teether is intended for infants to 12 months. It’s ideal in regards to natural remedies since it’s made out of 100 % natural rubber and food paint. Overall, it naturally facilitates a baby’s development.

  1. Chamomile 

In the long run, chamomile has been used to relax the nerves and sooth pain in regards to multiple infirmities. However, in the event that babies are too young to enjoy a cup of tea, parents can opt to freeze chamomile into ice cubes. After which, placing these chamomile ice cubes into mesh baby feeders allows teething children the opportunity to safely gnaw at them and thereby, relax their gums and decrease pain.

  1. Topical Pain Relief 

Essential oils are a therapeutic home remedy and it is crucial to use them correctly and at the proper dilution. By all means, parents can make an all natural, holistic mixture at home by mixing: 1 drop of chamomile essential oil into 1 tablespoon of coconut or olive oil. Thereafter, rubbing a small amount on a teething baby’s gums will essentially help in relieving the terrible pain that comes along with the teething process.

  1. Amber Teething Necklace 

    Amber Teething Necklace

Throughout history, notable healers including the well-known Hippocrates used Baltic Amber to cure and cull illness from the body. In brief, the warmth of a teething child’s body releases the Succinic acid found in amber teething necklaces. On the positive side, Succinic acid is an analgesic with anti-inflammatory properties. All in all, Baltic Amber ultimately acts as, an adaptogen, naturally relieving pain in a child’s body.

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