Baby Jogger City Mini vs. City Mini GT

Jogger strollers are nifty baby products that you can use if you often go with your little one to the outside world, such as at the park or even while traveling across countries or borders. To help you pick, we chose two great jogger strollers, the Baby Jogger City Mini and the City Mini GT, in which we will compare the specs of the two jogger strollers to see which one may best suit your needs.

Weight Capacity

City Mini City Mini GT
50 lbs. 65 lbs.

As you can see, the City Mini GT seems to have a better weight capacity of 65 lbs. as compared to only 50 lbs. for the City Mini. This means that it has a wider range which allows more kids and babies to use the stroller regardless of how heavy they tend to be.

  • Having a wide weight capacity makes it easier for you to choose for your growing child. After all, we can’t control how our babies grow and they may tend to outgrow their stroller, which may cost you to buy another stroller in the process. Buying a bigger stroller that can accompany kids or babies who might weigh more than the usual limit can save you extra money and time on buying another one.

Stroller Weight

City Mini City Mini GT
18.4 lbs. 22.5 lbs.

The stroller weight refers to the overall weight when you set it up. The City Mini GT seems to be heavier than the City Mini, which only weighs 18.4 lbs. overall.

  • A good advantage of lightweight strollers is that they are more travel-friendly, although if the difference is not that much, then stroller weight is not that much of an important feature to look into if you are comparing other features. A lightweight stroller is much more ideal if you often go out with your baby elsewhere, but if you aren’t really going anywhere and you prefer a more stable stroller, you may want to go for a heavier one instead.

Folding Mechanism

City Mini City Mini GT
Can be folded with one hand Can be folded with one hand

In terms of folding ability, the City Mini and the City Mini GT can both be folded with just one hand, which makes it very easy for most moms and parents to use.

  • As parents, you may be troubled with having to carry the grocery on one hand and your baby stroller on the other. This is why you may benefit from a stroller that has a one-handed operation in order for you to easily set it up without having to do some other unnecessary steps for you to save time and energy for your little one.

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Maximum Head Height

City Mini City Mini GT
23 inches 26 inches

The head height refers to how high the stroller can stretch or the headroom for your little one inside. The City Mini GT seems to have a higher headroom at 26 inches, as compared to 23 inches only for its predecessor. This makes it roomier for older kids or babies.

  • Having a better head height for a stroller is an advantage that is similar to the concept of weight capacity. If you fear that your child may outgrow their stroller very fast, you may want to buy this kind of stroller instead to avoid having to spend more when your stroller gets too little for your little one.


City Mini City Mini GT
Not adjustable Adjustable

An advantage of the City Mini GT over the City Mini is that it has an adjustable handlebar. This may prove to be useful for parents and other people who will use the stroller.

  • If you are a tall person or if you want your kids to push the stroller, you may have trouble if you only use a jogger stroller that doesn’t have an adjustable handlebar, which makes the City Mini GT more usable for those kinds of situations.

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Brake Type

City Mini City Mini GT
Foot Hand

In terms of brake types, the City Mini GT has an easier hand operation as compared to the foot brake of the City Mini.

  • Having a hand-operated brake is much more convenient in the long run. Think of it as operating brakes on the bikes, which can be useful since you are already walking with your stroller and having to step on the brakes with your foot can be a bit awkward.

Infant Car Seat Compatibility

City Mini City Mini GT
Compatible with car seats Compatible with car seats

If you want compatibility with various infant car seats, both of these jogger strollers can be okay for them, since they have a universal size.

  • Most parents buy a stroller because they can easily carry an infant car seat that your baby is currently using. These two are both okay for that case.

Double Stroller Capability

City Mini City Mini GT
Convertible to double stroller Convertible to double stroller

Both the City Mini and City Mini GT can be converted to a double stroller, so they can be ideal for those who are taking care of twins.


City Mini City Mini GT
Simple wheels All-terrain wheels

In terms of wheels, the all-terrain ones from the City Mini GT can be ideal for various surfaces to help your little one experience a less bumpy ride.

Compact Storage

City Mini City Mini GT
Folded dimensions of 33 x 24 x 12 inches Folded dimensions of 29 x 24 x 10 inches

The City Mini GT seems to be a better stroller too in terms of folded dimensions since it doesn’t take a lot of space as compared to the City Mini.


To wrap it up, our clear winner of the review is the Baby Jogger City Mini GT due to its better weight capacity, higher maximum head height, adjustable handlebar, hand-operated brake type, all-terrain wheels, and a compact size when folded. The only bit of downside is that it is a bit bulkier in terms of weight than its predecessor, the City Mini, although this is a minor con or drawback, anyway.

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