Why Baby’s Head is Hot, but no Fever? How to Solve It

A baby’s health is always a top priority among parents, especially when it comes down to rough cases of fever and flu. The immune system of your baby may not be as strong as yours or your older kids’, so it is important that you give them all the right attention and care when you’re taking care of them. You always need to check if they are alright and if they’re in the right temperature – otherwise, they could possibly have a fever if you feel that they’re warm or hot on their forehead or armpits.


It can be quite a scare if your baby’s head suddenly feels warm, but the doctor says that he/she does not have a fever. You could have panicked so much in this situation and don’ know who to believe. What could be wrong? In this article, we’re going to show you different reasons why your baby’s head is hot but no fever, and how to solve it.


Outside Temperature is Hot

Why it Happens: This is a given situation for those who live in hot and tropical climates. Of course, many of us tend to have our body temperatures rise up during the event of a heat wave. In fact, many medical experts call this a heat rash, which happens during hot temperatures to your baby.


How to Solve it: Keep your baby cool and comfortable as much as possible. Give lots of drinks (but not too much that they’d spit up) and keep them in a place that has plenty of shade and cooling. You can also limit their dress so that they don’t get suffocated with the heat. Have them wear cooler clothes to match the weather.


Limit your baby’s time out in the sunlight and if you need to walk outside, do it in the early morning, such as from 6 to 9 A.M. because anything that’s from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. can be considered dangerous to your child’s health and skin, and to anyone’s skin for that matter.


Unreliable Thermometer

Why it Happens: Yes, there are certainly times when your thermometer is not reliable at all, especially if it’s broken. Whether you have a manual thermometer or a digital one, things can go wrong if your thermometer doesn’t read right.


How to Solve It: Generally, it’s best to check with another working thermometer just to be sure, then you can identify if you have a broken thermometer or not. You can also check if you’ve placed the thermometer just right or if your baby misplaced it somewhere away from their armpits. You can also test the thermometer on any member of the family to make sure it’s functioning well.


If you’ve concluded that your thermometer is no longer functioning properly, you can replace it. Many people still debate on manual vs. digital ones, but both of them can lose their calibration if they’re not handled carefully. Added to that, babies can have inaccurate temperature readings if they’re only a few months old, and this is quite normal.



Why it Happens: Believe it or not, babies are teething and this can actually cause them to have a high temperature. It’s kind of like a slight fever due to the pain and irritability, but this will eventually last with some expert advice from your doctor or pediatrician.


However, for many parents, this can be quite alarming because teething symptoms can be like fever due to the rise in temperature, kind of like the anxiety and stress taking over your baby (see below) and causing the body temperature to get hot.


How to Solve It: Ask your doctor or pediatrician for help. They may offer your child some teething toys or anything to help relieve their discomfort. Keep in mind that teething is a normal phase of babyhood and it happens to everyone – therefore, teething symptoms can be normal and should not really be considered as a case of fever.


Your Baby is Lying Down

Why it Happens: If your baby is lying down at the back of the bed or crib, he or she may have the tendency to have a higher temperature because of the blood flow. Alternatively, your hands could be cold due to housework or some other temperature change outside.


How to Solve It: Just carry your baby once in a while when they’re awake. You can also check if your hands are too cold from recently washing the dishes or doing laundry work, and have another family member touch the baby’s forehead instead for accuracy. Additionally, a recent study suggests that babies should sleep on their back because it keeps them from getting hot and gives them some ventilation.



Too Much Crying

Why it Happens: Stress and anxiety are both at work, even in babies, when they cry a lot. This causes their blood pressure and body temperature to rise. Usually, you’ll see it in your baby’s face – they might have already turned slight reddish due to excessive crying, which can be quite alarming at times. However, it just might be stress and not exactly fever as you’d expect.


You may not feel it, but if you’ve just cried a lot due to a loss of a special someone or family member or if you’ve gotten through a breakup, people will feel your forehead getting hot or warm. This is the same case for babies.


How to Solve It: Find out ways to help calm your baby down. You can try to find out what is causing your baby’s anxiety overall. It can be a certain phobia or fear of something, such as clowns or mascots. It could be that your baby’s pooping or peeing in their diaper or having a bad case of constipation. It could also be that they’re hungry or thirsty and want food/drink right away.


Solving your child’s anxiety or stress can help them feel more safe and secure, and you won’t mistake their crying for a case of fever. It can be very hard to pinpoint the cause of their crying, but as their mother or parental figure, you should be able to figure it out soon enough.

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