Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Review

Do you want a good crib toy that is not only entreating for your little one but is also educational and colorful at the same time? Explore the underwater world with your child with the Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother. It is a crib toy that will surely keep your child entertained when they feel frustrated or bored inside the house or wherever they are – or when they feel stressed in a new environment.

Features and Benefits

Below are the features and benefits of the Baby Einstein Soother:


1. Light effects – you get up to 25 minutes of unique light effects from this children’s toy. This is a good light show that can give them an underwater feel due to the blue light that is part of this toy for babies. It will make them feel like they are swimming with the fishes. Having a soothing light is important for your little one to fall asleep gently, as the lights are not too bright.

2. Adaptive to crib rails – if your crib rail is around 10.5 inches in size, it will fit just fine. Most cribs can adapt to the size of this crib toy and you can also use it for other places, such as your car or an airplane table (more on that below).

3. Remote control – there is a remote control included so you can operate the Sea Dreams Soother up to 12 feet away. You can tweak the light and sounds of the toy from afar. Operating the remote control also does not make any sounds at all so you can help your child to relax and stay asleep without waking them up with remote control noises.

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4. Dimmer – since your child will fall asleep with this soothing toy, it will be soothing due to the drift-off dimmer, which subtly fades the music and the sounds as your little child gets sleepier. The dimmer is a definite must-have on any lullaby toy because if you suddenly turn off the sound, the baby might wake up. This is why a dimmer option for both the sound and the lights is important to keep your child dozing off, especially for babies who are light sleepers.

5. Easy batteries – only 4 C batteries are required for this Sea Dreams Soother and remote control. These batteries can be bought from your local convenience store or hardware.

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1. Helps your baby fall asleep quietly – the lullaby sounds and lighting effects can help your child to fall asleep without the worry of outside noise. In fact, it even has a white noise option (see below pros for more information).

2. Easy on and off – your baby can operate the soother on their own with the large buttons. There is a star button at the top that makes it great for your little one to press on their own and then fall asleep in their own crib or happy place. The large star encourages your child as an activity center as well before falling to sleep, and it gives them a sense of independence as well.

3. Portable size – you can attach it to your baby seat, plane’s tray table, or even the car headrest. It is a very portable unit because it is not too heavy to carry around as well.

4. Parents can feel at ease – as a parent, you won’t feel worried that your child might wake up when the music stops due to the dimmer option slowly fading the music and the lights so that your child will stay asleep as much as possible. You can also control the unit from afar with the quiet remote.

5. Fun sea creatures – the theme of fun sea creatures will not only put your child to sleep but it will also be an interesting toy to look at in their crib, which also encourages playtime and educational learning and exploration for your child.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of the Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother:


1. Doesn’t startle your baby – with the use of the dimmer option, your child can fall asleep as much as possible. You don’t have to worry about turning off the music and waking up your child again – the same thing is true for the lights.

2. Calming lights and sounds – the calm lights and sounds mimic the ocean floor, which gives off a very soothing and soft feeling for your little one to fall asleep easily.

3. Has a white noise feature – this white noise feature can help block off external noises. White noise is often used for babies to fall asleep better without hearing other stuff in the background. It also helps them not to get startled from sudden noises popping out of silence.

4. Ease of operation – both you and your baby can activate the Sea Dreams Soother with the easy buttons. The large star button is a big plus for little hands due to its ease of operation.


1. No/difficult access to sound-only mode – this may be a minor con because some babies do like both lights and sounds. However, if your child is not very good with lights then this toy may not be for them since it has no option to isolate the sounds only, or if there is, you’d have to wake up your baby a bit because of the cycle to the light option.

2. May have a standby mode – in some cases, if you haven’t been using the unit for a while, it could revert back and you would have to hit the star-shaped button again, which could possibly wake up your little child. But this is a rare case and it depends on how long you have been playing the unit.


To wrap it up, the Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother is a good buy if you want a quality lullaby toy for your child who is often restless. It is not only a great entertaining sea creature toy for the crib, but you can also take it with you wherever you go.

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