7 Essential Scooter Riding Safety Rules for Kids

Getting the kids to school is a real pain to many parents. One great way to convince children to go to school is scooting to school which is great fun and speedier process. So, the popularity of scooters among kids has soared recently. According to a survey of 75,000 children by a charity organization, the proportion of UK children regularly scooting or skating to school went up by more than half between 2013 and 2014, from 9.3% to 14.3%.

However, with the rising popularity of scooters, the child’s safety has also become a big concern among parents. After all, it is our lovely kids who are the primary users of this transport. Below we have discussed a few safety measures for kids while riding scooters.

Wear a helmet

The first and most important safety tip is to wear a helmet. It is because wearing a helmet protects your kids from the most fatal injuries-brain injury-which is often life-threatening. In addition, the features of helmets should be as such that while putting on, the protective gear should not obstruct the view and sound of the wearer. Other important precautions are do not wear a hat under the helmet and Put reflective stickers on the helmets to make it visible to other riders.

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Put on the right accessories

As athletes wear different accessories to minimize sports-related injuries, in scooter riding, there is three protective gear. These are elbow pads, knee pads, and sneakers. All of these accessories either prevent or soften the impact of the injuries. If you send your kids for scooting without these accessories, they are off-guard and the likelihood of sustaining an injury is highly possible.

When it comes to picking a pair of sneakers, choose that are strong, sturdy, and tied tightly while the elbow and knee pads should be sized correctly and strapped on securely.

Pick the right model of scooter for your kids

Choosing the ideal model of scooters for your kids will significantly lessen the occurrence of accidents. So, you need to be involved closely while purchasing a scooter. Children tend to attract the new models of scooters or the models that are used by their favorite cartoon characters. In either of these two cases that are purchasing the latest models of scooters or the models seen in the cartoon movie will not ensure the full safety of your kids.

When it comes to choosing a scooter for kids, several factors come into play. The first factor is the height of the child. If the height of your kid is 120 cm for example while the model you pick also comes with height in 120 cm to 140cm, controlling and steering the scooter will be difficult for your kids. Besides height, you also need to take into account the child’s physical ability and physique.

The second buying factor is the size of the wheel. Scooters come with small or large wheels. Small wheels come with lightweight and foldable design models scooters. But the problem with small wheels are they easily sunk into small holes and thus risky. You can choose scooter wheel from Scooterlay site by reading their review.

The third factor is the footboard height. The footboard height is the distance between the footboard and the ground. The scooters that come with large footboard height are safer to ride. The fourth and the last factor which is closely related to safety is the brakes and brake levers. A scooter must have a quality brake so that the rider can stop it immediately whenever he fears losing control over it. 

Teach them when to stop

The surface where kids will ride a scooter may not even every time. It could be an uneven tarmac or a rough surface too. The weather condition like snow or rain also come into play to ride a scooter safely. Another quite important thing is while riding downhill. The scooter travels fast when it crosses a downward slope. In all of these cases, your kids need to be immensely careful to avert any accident. They either need to drive slowly or need to ready to stop instantly if they foresee any sign of losing control of the scooter.

Discourage kids to use scooters on the highway

Scooters should not be used on the road. It is because car and lorry drivers do not like to see scooters in traffic due to their small size.

Do not use scooters after the sunset

Let kids know that scooters cannot be used in the dark since they do not have lights or reflectors

Stay away from crowded pavements

Lastly, warn kids that Scooters should not be used on narrow or crowded pavements.


Scooter riding is great fun for children. It allows them to get off the sofa and cruise through in the fresh air. We expect the above safety rules will ensure their full safety while scooting.

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