7 Brilliant Tips on Organizing Your Child’s Closet

For moms, organizing their children’s closets can be bittersweet. There’s that wave of nostalgia as they fold big-boy pants, remembering having tucked in toddler underpants a few years back. Then, there’s quickly realizing there’s no more room left for new clothes.

It’s tough tidying up a kid’s closet, but by applying smart organization methods, moms can keep their children’s wardrobe together with little time and effort. Check out these easy and efficient organization hacks moms can use at home.

Use and Label Baskets

Baskets are a no-fuss organizing tool for children’s clothes at every age. Moms can reuse it every time: from keeping infant clothes, to storing kids’ shoes, to organizing high schoolers’ school supplies.

While any type of basket makes a good organizer, using clear, stackable ones are more efficient. They help arrange children’s shoes in a tidy stack. Plus, its clear material makes it easy for moms and their kids to see and pull out the organizer’s contents anytime.

Install Adjustable Hanging Rods

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Kids grow up fast. The next thing you know, their closets are filled to the brim with bigger clothes. A solution is installing double (or even triple) hanging rods inside their closets.

For infants and toddlers, two or three parallel rods give moms enough space to hang a lot of clothes. As children grow older, a rod can be removed to accommodate bigger kids’ clothing. For grade-schoolers to teens, a single closet rod will suffice.

Add Storage to Closet Doors

Moms can use a behind-the-door storage organizer to free up extra space from their children’s closets. The organizers are simply hung on hooks on the inside of closet doors. Hanging organizers are useful in keeping children’s accessories and smaller toys.

For closets with a huge room, another solution is to hang baskets behind closet doors. This helps store much bigger items, like stuffed toys, shoes, and jackets.

Sell Baby Clothes

If there’s simply no room left to store children’s clothes, it’s best to get rid of them. Aside from discarding or donating items that are no longer used, another option is selling kids’ clothes.

Parents who have older kids (and don’t plan on having another in the future) can sell baby clothes online. Online selling is an excellent way to gain income out of preloved items. After all, most busy parents do their shopping online.

Organize by Color

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Socks on the yellow bin. Swimming trunks on blue. Scarves on red. Just as one does with books, colors are a great way to organize kids’ clothing.

Use colorful plastic baskets, and assign a clothing article or a particular item for each. This doesn’t only give moms a smart way to store things. It also helps kids learn which item goes to a specific basket color.

Aside from baskets, another way to incorporate colors is through kids’ hangers. Moms can use a colorful hanger set and hang different types of clothing per color. For example, orange hangers are for pajamas. Green for church outfits. Pink for special occasions. It’s up to you.

Use Closed Drawers

Parents with children should have a closed storage space for keeping items out of sight. Each closed drawer should have a purpose. It’s best to use it for storing personal items, such as underwear, socks, and other intimates.

Having closed drawers inside closets keeps them more organized. More than that, it helps kids understand that everything has its designated place.

Prepare Weekly Outfits

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Having kids at home can be hectic for parents, especially for those who stay at home. To save time to accomplish tasks, moms can prepare their children’s clothes ahead of time. For those with older kids, they can enlist them to choose their own daily outfits for the week.

There are Monday-to-Friday clothes organizers moms can use to arrange their kids’ outfits, but they can always improvise and use the storage boxes they already have at home.

Organize Your Life

Applying these hacks does not only help moms organize their children’s clothes better. More importantly, it helps them free up some time to focus on other important tasks. Or finally, finish that TV show they’ve been struggling to finish for months.

Moms can use these handy organization hacks to maximize their time or let their creativity run wild, totally their call.

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