6 Things I Wish I Knew Whilst I was Pregnant!

Every day is a learning opportunity to acquire knowledge that we can use in different situations. There is so much that one can learn from books, magazines, and articles about various topics, in this case, pregnancy. Some things, however, we only realize after we have gone through the experience itself. Below is thus a list of the things I wish I knew while I was pregnant.

1.    It is perfectly okay to ask for help

Pregnancy is an incredibly beautiful journey and process that will have a lot of amazing and mind-blowing memories. Like any journey or adventure, it will have its own ups and downs, and some days will be easy while others may be quite difficult. This is okay and it is normal since that is simply what life is like. However, life also provides us with friends, family, and colleagues who can be with us during this journey, cheering us on and enjoying every step with us. Therefore, during those days when your hormones are all over the place and you simply feel like it is a bit too much, talk to somebody close to you. Let them know how you feel, any frustrations, fears or doubts that you may be experiencing, and let them help you. They may simply give a listening ear or provide encouragement to you, or they may even decide to cheer you up by taking you out to get some sunshine or to a spa. Whatever the case, do not shy away from speaking out and letting them help you. They may be your colleagues at work, your friends or your spouse. Whoever they are, remember that they are there for you.

2.    You can prevent stretch marks

Pregnancy comes along with a lot of weight gain due to the fact that you will increase your food intake for your baby. This weight gain can lead to the development of stretch marks along your belly, breasts or even on your hips.
The unfortunate truth is that it becomes quite difficult to get rid of them after childbirth and delivery. It is thus best to use methods which can prevent pregnancy stretch marks beforehand. A couple of methods which you can use include watching your weight gain. I fully understand that you are indeed growing a human in your body, but this is no excuse to indulge in unhealthy eating which will simply make you add weight instead of offering any nutrients to your baby. Maximize on quality, not quantity and ensure that you eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, and foods rich in protein such as fish or beans if you are vegetarian. By all means, eat enough for both you and your baby, but ensure that you focus on foods that are beneficial to both your bodies. Moreover, stay hydrated and moisturize your skin at all times.  This will boost blood flow and promote cell growth which will, in turn, promote collagen growth that is extremely good for your skin.

3.    You do not need that much stuff

A common misconception that most expectant mothers are tricked into believing is the fact that they need a million and one items for their unborn baby. It is okay to be excited about the process and you are indeed free to shop anything that you want for your baby. However, it is not wise to break the bank and spend a lot of money on many items which you may actually not even end up using. You have to remember that you will need cash for diapers and going to the clinic and that you still have other bills to attend to for your household. If you are, therefore, on a budget, just start with the basics first or purchase what you deem necessary and spend on that which will not cause a financial strain for your family. Remember also that when you leave the hospital, you do not immediately shrink back to the size you were initially before pregnancy. You will, therefore, need to invest in some comfortable post delivery clothes that you can wear in the meantime.

4.    The truth about morning sickness

Many women do experience that nauseous feeling and vomit in the mornings, but the truth is that it does not only just occur in the morning but that it can happen during other times of the day as well. Some women may feel sick all day, others during the night or even during lunch. This is, therefore, a factor that you have to put into consideration especially if you work on an 8-5 kind of job. It is a concern that you might probably need to discuss with your boss and let them know that you are pregnant and that you are experiencing this form of trouble during the day. Do not worry, though, as it can be managed. All you have to do is to describe to your doctor the situation you are going through and he or she can grant you advice and help on what you can do to make everything easier.

5.    Treasure the journey

From the start, nine months always seems like a really long time and that the date of your delivery is really far away. This is not the case since the days fly by so fast and before you know it, you have your newborn in your arms. It is thus important that you treasure each and every moment of your pregnancy, be it each kick that you feel or the way your bump progresses each month. Go for photo shoots or take selfies and pictures with your own phone. Talk to your baby and have your spouse record you as you sing to them before you sleep or when you greet them good morning each day. All these moments are truly special and will help you and your baby bond a great deal.

6.    You can still enjoy your hobbies

Just because you are pregnant does not necessarily mean that you have to give up all the activities and hobbies that you enjoyed doing before pregnancy. You may still go out with your friends and catch a movie or go for walks in parks. If anything, while you are pregnant, it is more beneficial for you to remain and stay active since it will be good for you and your baby. Do not lose touch of who you are, but instead, use that to complement the new and beautiful stage that you are now in.

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