5 Top Remarkable Reasons Why Your Baby Needs a Swaddle Blanket

Newborns are fragile little beings who can’t wait to get acquainted with their new surroundings. However, this world is far from the warmth they were accustomed to in the womb. It might take some time to get used to because it can be somewhat disorienting. How about you make their transition worthwhile and enable them to have a smooth, adaptable time in rather noisy and strange surroundings. Here’s why you need to get a swaddle blanket.

Keep the insecurity feeling at bay

Do you often see newborns exhibiting signs of startle reflexes? It often happens when they hear a loud bang or when their heads fall backward. The tiny infants often feel somewhat too scared and might begin to cry due to discomfort due to the considerable noise. They also tend to throw their small hands or legs and clutch their fingers together. However, you can wrap your baby securely using a swaddle blanket to keep this insecurity feeling at bay. Thus, you get to limit the startle reflexes and enable them to ease into getting used to the noise around them.

Minimize the temptation to share your bed with an infant

At times, one might become too overwhelmed with fatigue and accidentally fall asleep with the baby at a risky surface on the sofa or adult bed. You need to ensure your baby is securely swaddled in their crib as you take a nap to refresh yourself a little. Thus, you get to reduce any suffocation scenario where you accidentally lay your hand on the baby or even encounter SIDS.

Allow breathing

The beauty of getting a baby swaddle is that it’s designed with breathable and natural material, which is also gentle to the baby’s sensitive skin. It’s warm enough to keep the baby comfortable and also prevent any instances of overheating, which might lead to a heat rash. The swaddle blanket needs to fit snugly and not too tight.

Prevent the baby from face scratching

Infants love to explore, throw their arms and legs around in a bid to stretch. Some even tend to such their fingers and thumbs while they feel hungry. While leaving your baby’s arms free might seem like fun, they might tend to scratch their face and injure themselves. Therefore, you need to swaddle them nice and warm to ensure they don’t get to scratch their babyface. It’s also a chance to reduce thumb sucking when they are trying soothing themselves. It’s because this learned habit might become rather challenging to stop while they become of age. 

Reduce the risk of SIDS

By swaddling your baby, you can lay them on their back and let them fall asleep. It’s one of the best sleeping positions to prevent SIDs. However, before you start swaddling your infant, you need to get the correct routine from a trained nurse to ensure you always do it right at all times.

With a baby swaddle, your infant gets to use a uniquely designed cloth or blanket to wrap tight around their body. Thus, they’ll become quite comfortable as they grow into healthy little champs. 

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