5 Tips to embark Your Baby on a Healthy Feeding Journey

With the arrival of a baby, we start looking after him like a treasure or something very precious and indeed he is. The first thing we want to facilitate a baby with is good food and undoubtedly that is the most important thing for him.

Usually, we plan meals that are healthier and nutritious because their inner strength depends upon the intake of a healthy diet. Moreover, we also have to keep an infant’s likes or dislikes in our minds while making a time table for the baby’s feed so that he can enjoy the feed.

Here, we are going to discuss a few important, super-easy tips for all the mothers out there who need serious consultancy regarding the feeding journey for their babies.


A mother tries to find out easy ways to start their baby’s diet. Some women do not want to go through the toil of breastfeeding their babies while others have certain disabilities due to which they simply can’t breastfeed. Although, every mother who can, should do it.

Pros: If a mother opts to do it, she should breastfeed her baby for at least 6 months as it’s the best way to get your infant started with food. Moreover, when you are feeding your baby on your own, no other milk feed is needed. Breast milk usually contains a perfect amount of nutrients according to the baby’s need.

Con: In spite of this fact, breastfeeding means constant feeding regardless of the time of the day. If you are not well, suffering from any viral disease, your baby gets affected as well. So, it is a prime responsibility of a mother to take care of her own diet as well if her baby is on mother feed.

Start with solids

After (at least) 6 months, start giving your baby solid feed. Solid food is also very important. Add fruits(like bananas, apples, mangoes, etc.) and vegetables(potatoes, carrots, etc.) in their diet so they start feeling the tastes of salt and sugar, give them in mashed forms so babies can eat them easily and digest them. You can also feed them with yogurt, eggs or baby cereals accordingly.

Adding solids to a baby’s meals can help you in reducing breastfeeding. Also, before starting solids, do check with your pediatrician and ask him out as if solids harm the baby.

Moreover, gear up your infants to eat solids by showing some interest in the food. Don’t rush, they will eat it all if they like it. Do not overfeed your toddlers to save your time for later.
Let them eat the amount they want, not the amount you want.

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Fix the time of feeding

The most easy-to-go tip is to set a routine of your baby’s feed, fix the time of every meal either it’s a liquid or a solid. This time table will not do any harm to the baby’s stomach and keep the baby healthier rather than making him chubby.

It keeps him motivated towards eating and fixing feed time also lets the mother know the reason behind his baby’s crying if he cries during the feeding hours.

Many mothers fail to understand why their babies suddenly start to babble. If he is crying in the feed hours, at least they are sure lack of food is the reason behind it.

A baby tells his mother when he is hungry and when he is not by crying, but as soon as you set the routine for your toddler, he will be as silent as a mouse :p

Keep your infant hydrated

Water is one of the basic needs of life. Babies who breastfed, do not need extra water. But when the infants start getting other meals to eat, they need an appropriate amount of water as well.

So, add water to your baby’s daily routine. Keep your infants hydrated as it protects them from being ill and stays them away from different germs and bacteria.

Cleanliness and a healthy baby

Last but not least. When you start feeding your infant, it is very important to keep his baby feeder, spoons, and other eating utensils (i-e. touches baby’s tongue) clean and sterilized.

By sterilizing your infant’s usable, you can reduce the chances of germs entering into them. Because for bacteria, it is very easy to enter into the baby by means of feeders and spoons.

You should keep your toddler’s clothes clean and his surroundings dirtless. Also, before giving anything to eat to your babies, do wash your hands. This is another key feature in providing a healthy diet to the baby.

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Fact for life:

If your baby’s feed is good in nutrition and healthy then your baby grows rapidly not only internally but externally as well. A healthy lifestyle is achieved by following certain tips that help a lot in the feeding journey of a baby. His height, weight, and overall upbringing is based on it.

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