5 Steps to Finding a Reputable Online Sitter Service

Unpredictable schedules, long hours away from home, and too many tasks might force you to have to look for a sitter. Finding one that can be trustworthy enough to leave them in your personal space might be hard but not impossible. Online platforms can be a great source of sitters, and you can utilize them as well. When you are green about how these platforms work, you can follow these steps to ensure you get to find the ideal candidate.

1)    Find a Reputable Online Sitter Service Site

With many scams taking place online, it can be hard to trust the many sites promoting and offering sitter services. Friends and family can recommend a few but that might have worked for them, and this can be a start. Without the recommendations, you can carry out your own search to verify the sites. Have sites that have high rated clients’ reviews. Be on the lookout for their hiring process as this can give you insights on the quality of sitters you might find. You can also go for platforms that have been around for longer like SitterCity as this is proof they exist. Check the number of sitters on the platform too as there is a likelihood of having many sitters on sites that offer actual jobs.

2)    List Services Needed

After finding the site of your choice, list the service you need and the requirements you want to be met by potential sitters. Most websites require you to provide personal information and create a profile first. State your location as this helps sitters make related applications. Sites also have created a filter option that enables you to remember all your requirements and enables you to improve your needs. State your prices too to ensure you attract sitters you that are willing to work with your rate.

3)    Screening Potential Sitters

With reputable sites, you are bound to find many applications from potential sitters. Additionally, you can review comments under each sitter as the previous employers leave something that helps you spot their abilities. In case of specialized services, look for those that have experience in the same field. However, you can go for those with less or zero experience as this allows you to mold them to your liking. At this point, verify the references provided to ensure they check out.

4)    Have a One on One Meeting

After selecting your choice, it is crucial to meet them in person. This allows you to evaluate them better. You can host them in your place and test their skills to see how fast they adapt, relate, and respond to the environment you plan to have them work. This meeting also helps you determine punctuality and verify the documents. At this juncture, you can discuss expectations from both ends and share info on whether they got the post.

5)    Sign Contracts

Once convinced that you made the right choice, it is time to sign a contract. Request identification documents to ensure you capture the correct information. The contract should state the duration you plan to hire them. Also, list the references and the current residences for both you and the sitter as it helps in case of emergencies and eventualities.

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