5 Easy Tips to Create the Ultimate Sleep Zone for Your Toddler

Most moms will without a doubt agree with the importance of a good night’s rest for a Toddler. With night feeds a thing of the past, quality sleep should be a given, right? Well, not always. Along with growth spurts, changes in their environment or possible upsets in the day, a toddler’s sleep can easily be affected, and the knock-on effect can add a lot of strain on the family.

This not uncommon occurrence is referred to as sleep regression and can occur at any stage of your child’s development. Although it’s not completely avoidable, there are measures you can take to decrease the odds of sleep regression or to correct it should the problem arise.

1.Comfortable Bed

With almost half our day spent sleeping, it’s important to invest in a quality twin mattress for your toddler. Adults will spend a small fortune on quality mattresses to ensure they have a good night’s rest. Likewise, a child’s mattress is equally important.

A good mattress provides the correct support and helps maintain a stable body temperature. Depending on the season, adjust blankets and comforters to ensure your child is neither too hot, nor too cold.


Children thrive with a routine that is familiar. If they are used to sleeping 10-12 hours and don’t get the correct amount of sleep, the result is a tired and unhappy little person. Bedtime should be the same every night and the routine leading up to it should follow a similar pattern. Dinner, bath, story time and bed. Whatever works best for you and your little one. Sticking with what they know brings security and comfort. Avoid energizing activities closer to bedtime, this would include too much screen time.

Try to maintain an environment that they are familiar with and feel safe in. If in-laws come to visit, do your best to keep your child in his or her own bed. If your toddler has a favorite toy, ensure its ready and waiting for when they get tucked in.

3.Fresh Air

The room should get adequate ventilation. Even in winter, allow air to circulate through the bedroom to avoid stale air. Air purifiers are a great way to remove pollutants from the space. If your child suffers from allergies, you will notice a large improvement.

Introducing an air cleansing plant will also make a difference in the air quality of the room. Better air makes better sleep.

  1. Calming Aids

The scent of lavender oil has a calming effect on the nervous system. You can add a drop or two to your toddler’s bath or directly onto his bed pillow.

Gentle music can also help your child relax as they doze off. As toddlers become aware of the world around them, they can be sensitive to outside noise, so soft music can help drown out the sounds they can’t explain.

If your child expresses fear of the dark, a night light is an excellent tool. There are several night lights available that reflect patterns on the ceiling while they rotate. Another wonderful distraction as your child floats off to dreamland.

5.Block Out Light & Sound

Thick carpet and curtains are another key elements to help turn your child’s room into a sleep-friendly cocoon. Plush carpets not only dampen sound, but they also help maintain the temperature of the room. Plus, they make a welcome surface for kids to play on when they wake.

Blackout curtains have a heavy lining which keeps out light, so your kids can sleep out as opposed to waking when the sun rises and the birds begin to chirp.


A little planning goes a long way to avoid the deep discomfort of sleep deprivation, not just for your toddler, but for you and the rest of the household.

Should your child go through a patch of sleep regression, comfort them when they wake, and try to get them back to sleep in their own bed with as little fuss as possible. If they repeatedly get out of bed, return them to their room and stay until they fall asleep.

A trundle bed with a mattress is an easy and comfortable solution during this period and a worthwhile investment for when your child enters the sleepover phase of his or her life.

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