5 Best Ways To Get Your Baby To Sleep

Babies can be a handful when it comes to putting them to sleep, and this is where most parents usually complain and get frustrated. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with some tips and tricks on how to get your baby to doze off.

Babies need their sleep to grow and to process the nutrients they receive from eating and drinking. Therefore, having a good sleeping schedule is important.

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep

Here are a couple of ways to get your baby to sleep fast:

1. Turn the lights down on a specific hour/time. Having a mood set for your baby’s sleeping room can be the first time to set up a sleeping routine. Do this as early as possible and routinely so that your baby will have their body clock adjusted automatically.

2. Use a comfortable mattress for your baby’s crib. A thin mattress can be ideal for your baby so that they can sleep comfortably. Thin mattresses are safe because they pose a lesser threat to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and breathing problems. Check out Sleepstandards.com for more information

3. Don’t put your baby in the crib while they’re asleep. Instead, put them there while they’re a bit sleepy so that they won’t feel alienated when they wake up in the middle of the night. A sudden change of backdrop can feel stressful for your baby so they must know they’ve been asleep in the crib.

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4. Don’t practice feeding to sleep. Most parents make the mistake of feeding their baby to sleep, but this will only resort to an annoying behavior in which your baby needs to drink their formula/breast milk to get some shuteye. This may also lead to obesity in some cases.

5. Don’t skip the naps. Did you know that skipping nap time stresses your baby even more? Most parents think that if they don’t nap in the afternoon then they’ll easily sleep at night, but it’s not exactly the case. Stress hormones play a role in your baby’s night sleep because they haven’t been well-rested with a nap in the afternoon.

Tips on Baby Bedtime Routines

Setting a bedtime routine can be difficult, but here are some ways you can tire your baby so that they’ll  most likely sleep quickly:

  • Separate gentle and exciting activities. For instance, play all the physical activities during the day and the quieter games much later in the day. This can help slow down your baby’s energy levels to sleep.
  • Bathing can also help them sleep better. This is especially if your climate is humid and hot – nothing relaxes like a good bath to keep them feeling fresh and well-rested.
  • Consider doing their last activities and/or games in the baby room. In this way, they’ll be easily attuned to the association of sleep and their last activity.


To wrap it up, babies can be put to sleep with proper bedtime routines and enough practice and patience. We all started as babies once so we must establish a routine for them so that they can get used to it as they grow up into older kids and go to sleep on their own.

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