3 Reasons Why Should Kids Make Pottery

Children love engaging in activities that are interesting and fun. When an activity is interesting, kids can play the entire day without getting bored because of their high energy level. Playing is essential for them to grow, but some methods of play are risky and contribute to the development of negative behavior. You should pick only safe and beneficial play activities like pottery. Pottery is an art where your child creates visual objects from clay. Your child will enjoy playing with clay since toddlers naturally love playing with soil. Through pottery, your child will have fun and learn some essential life skills. Below are some reasons for the benefits of pottery for kids:

1) It Improves Your Kid’s Motor Skills

If you notice your child struggling to grasp simple items such as a spoon or catching moving items, then he or she may have slow developing motor skills. Pottery can help improve their eye-hand coordination and grasp on objects. They engage in hand movements like squeezing, pinching, curving, and rolling which helps strengthen their arm muscles. Your child will have better coordination and no longer drop items. This skill will help them later in life when they want to play in school and professionally or pursue a career that requires accurate eye-hand coordination like medicine. You can take your child to a pottery class where he or she will learn how to create items with clay. It is ideal to also have pottery materials at home like pottery wheel, shelf, and clay, and work area. The best pottery wheel for kids should be lightweight, durable, and digital.

2) Pottery Makes a Kid Creative

Creativity is a highly sort out trait since it drives innovation and change. Top careers like technology are looking for new ideas that stem from out of the box thinker. When a child regularly engages in creative activities, he or she develops new ideas through expression. Creativity is not a trait they are born with, but they learn through imagination and the things they see. Being creative helps a child deal with the issues they face and helps improve their emotional intelligence. Pottery is one of the best creative activities for children since it relies on imagination and molding the clay in different ways to produce a good result. You can take them to a museum for inspiration or show them amazing clay crafts on YouTube for inspiration.

3) It Molds Their Character

Pottery teaches your child values and skills that can mold their behavior positively. Most children are either hyperactive, rude, anxious, lack of attention, or do not know how to communicate. If they join a pottery class, they have to listen to the instructions given to create beautiful sculptures. Since this is an interesting activity, all children will usually calm down and focus on creating interesting items. In the process, they learn how to concentrate, follow instruction- discipline, and being patient. Playing with clay gives a child control, which, in turn, enables them to master how to make decisions and solve problems. Through the art they make, they gain a new way to communicate what they feel which improves their self-esteem.

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