10 Ways to Start Saving for Your Baby

Are you expecting a baby? Well, congratulations! I know how exciting it is, being a parent for the very first time. But once the excitement gets off and the reality sets in, it becomes stressful too since it is not only about you or your partner anymore.

A whole new life will be introduced and there is a lot of responsibilities to take. From keeping the babies safe to educating them, there is a lot to go through, both financially and mentally.

Raising baby do costs some money, no doubt on that but they are not as expensive as some parents make them. However, if the income doesn’t increase with the cost, then one might get into a bit of trouble managing all the new expenses. To make your parenting life easier get more baby care information on savingnook baby care blog.

That being said, in this very article, I have listed 10 ways to start saving for your baby, which will definitely help both who already have children’s and who are expecting one.

So with no further ado, let’s check them out.

Start Saving Now to Raise a Happy Baby

Not all of us are born money saver, it can be a little hard for people who have never thought about it. You have to sacrifice a lot of things such as spending on buying new clothes, partying, long trips, etc. but trust me, in the end, these sacrifices will pay off.

Note your spending

Write down all the possible spending of the next month, do not leave anything. Find an easy way to note all these, there are several mobile apps which works great, you can use any of them. Or just keep a notebook and pen on your bag and note down all.

Another best way is to keep the receipts of all spending and check them at the end of the month. If you are one of them who go to restaurants almost every day, spends on soft drinks, snacks, etc. you will see you can save a large chunk of money just by being a little frugal.


Cut off extra costs

There is a big difference between “need” and “want”, many don’t get it. For example, buying food is a need and buying concert or movie ticket is something you want but not necessary for living. We spend a good amount of money on luxury which is really not needed.

So since things are not the same as before, you have to cut off all the extra costs. List down spending you make for the home or yourself, take a red pen and make a cross mark on the items which are not necessary.

Cut partying, surprises, expensive birthday gifts, concert ticket, movie tickets, trips, eating out, buying extra foods, etc. Cross all the items that are not mandatory to live a healthy life.

If you are expecting a baby in a few months, start living by this from now, so you will be used to it when the baby finally comes.

Look for a good deal

You can’t stop spending on essential baby products like the air purifier for baby and baby stroller but you can save money by having a good deal. Whatever essential you are buying before your purchase go to a price comparison website where you will find the best deal for you. You can also do it while paying for utilities, credit cards, insurance, etc.

Are you do supermarket shopping online? Start doing if you don’t already. The perk of shopping online is you will be able to stick on the budget you have planned and there are very few chances that you will get impulsive and buy something unnecessary.

Online supermarket stores always bring offers, but you have to look out for a while to get a good deal.

Open a saving account

Open a saving account that you can’t touch for a period of time. You can open a saving account for a couple of years and at the end of the period, you will get some extra money as well.

The benefit of this is, you won’t be able to take out money from the account even when the temptation comes. Plus, since you will get a big amount you can invest in something.

Save changes

Keep a change jar in your room and put all the changes left at the end of the day in it. Don’t even think about the jar until it is full. Surely you will have to wait for a long time to see the jar filled but trust me, you will be amazed seeing how your pennies turn into pounds. You can use that extra money for occasions such as Christmas.

Sell things you don’t need anymore

We all have something that we don’t use anymore. It could be anything, such as clothes, beds, furniture’s, console, TV, sports items, small appliances, electronics, etc. Check your basement, garage, hopefully, you will find something to sell. You can get some extra money by doing this and it will also free space. With this money, you can buy all essentials baby products like the baby jumper, before buying them read the baby jumper reviews to know what best products available for your baby.

Pay all your debts

I know some of us have some kind of debt which needs to be paid. So before you start saving, start to pay off all the debts as fast as possible, since the interests of the loan take a large chunk of money. The more time you take paying them, the more money they will cost. So getting rid of these is highly important.

Pretend to pay loan.

Once you are done with paying all the debts, keep the amount you have paid all these months in order to get rid of the debts. And put them into the saving account. Since you have managed to live with that before it would not be hard at all.

Keep yourself motivated

You are saving for giving your babies a better future, right? And nothing can give parents more happiness that the smile on their children’s face. Since saving a good amount of money is a long term journey it is highly important that you stay motivated all the time.

So what you can do is, imagine that your children’s are grown up and are well educated, and try to live that moment. Trust me, it will never let you get out of the track.

Challenge yourself

Try to make some extra income. Well, that is not mandatory but is good, since it will help you to save a little extra. And every month try to save a little more. Challenge yourself for doing so.


At the beginning, it might be hard but you are not the only one who will be doing it. There are a lot of parents who are sacrificing things every single day just to secure their children’s future. And trust me, it will get easier with time.

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