10 Ways To Keep Your Kids From Being Bored At Home

Nowadays, since kids can’t go outside due to the worldwide pandemic, parents now have to think of ways on how to keep them busy and entertained, since there are limited things you can do at home. No worries – we’ve written this short guide to help you out!

Kids naturally have a lot of energy to burst, in which they need to let it out in a way that shouldn’t destroy home property such as jumping on the couch and accidentally breaking it. With a little bit of imagination and effort, you can make your “staycation” a fun one for the kids!

How to Keep Kids from Being Bored at Home

1. Room cleaning or decoration

Sure, cleaning a room sounds boring or redundant for kids, but you can make it interesting with just a little bit of creativity. For instance, you can turn the wastebasket into a basketball ring and have them shoot all their garbage (or dirty laundry) so it will be a fun game for your little kid.

You can also help your child decorate the room by adding wallpaper, stickers, or rearranging furniture. This will help them to feel that their room is their personal space and it practices their decision-making skills in the long run.

2. Play hide and seek

Indoors, you can still play this classic game with the kids and the rest of the family. You can also add some bit of twist by having a just-for-fun punishment for whoever loses each round.

3. Go on a treasure hunt

It’s always fun hunting for something in the garden (or indoors), even when it’s not Easter. Have your kids search for a specific treasure that you’ve hidden somewhere to help keep them busy and entertained.

4. Get physically active

You can now take online dancing or fitness classes with the whole family so kids can stay in shape in a fun way! Or, you can also create your dancing videos and upload them to sites (e.g. YouTube or TikTok) just for fun! It can help boost your kids’ energy and self-esteem.

If you have a wide garden space in your backyard, you can use it for hula-hooping, jump rope, and other similar outdoor games. Just make sure your yard is a closed compound to keep your kids safe when they are playing.

5. Arts and crafts

For kids who are more on the creative side, you can give them coloring books that they can work with. Or, you can also have them sketch or draw whatever they like on paper. If they can’t think of anything, you can give them a prompt, such as a favorite cartoon, the food they’d like to eat, or place they’d like to visit after the pandemic subsides.

6. Kitchen time

Letting your little ones help out in the kitchen can practice them in the future. Whether preparing the ingredients or mixing the soup, always supervise your child when you do let them step in the kitchen. Once they’re old enough, you can also teach them some basic recipes (cooking or baking) so they can have a life skill that they’ll be proud of.

9. Pet time (if applicable)

If you have a dog, cat, or any pet, you can play with them or groom them at home. If your kids bathe your pet or clean up their cage, it can help give them a sense of responsibility for their pets.

Moreover, such activities can also be a great bonding time between your kids and their pet. You can also have them teach their pet new tricks or play with them.

10. Make science experiments

Try looking through videos online and find science experiments that you can do with your kids at home. In this way, they can still learn even if they aren’t in school (or to refresh their memory). You can try different stem toys for children to help them learn even when indoors.


To wrap it up, it is important that kids stay healthy and safe not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. And by giving them activities at home during “staycation” due to our current worldwide situation, they won’t feel uneasy and it can also keep them entertained and happy with their family.

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